What’s Your New Years Resolution?

Time to Start Planning Your New Years Resolutions

By now, you’ve put away the last Champagne flute, finally got rid of the Christmas lights, hugged your out-of-town relatives goodbye, and are gearing up for the best year of your life!

Whatever New Year’s Resolution you’ve decided on this year, whether it’s hit the gym more, get organized, or finally launch that blog you’ve been meaning to start, CouponCause.com went on the hunt for the biggest savings across the board. Check it out:

Gym and Yoga Memberships:

Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness offers crazy bang for your buck. For as little as $10.00/month in many states, you’ll get unlimited access to your “home” club. If you bump it up to $19.99/month, you’ll have access to all Planet Fitness locations as well as the amenities offered at any of their gyms nationwide. Depending on where you call home, this offer extends to hydromassage, haircuts, and tanning bed privileges too. Pretty hard to beat!

Planet Fitness Membership Options

24 Hour Fitness: With over 300 locations across the country, 24 Hour Fitness is a go-to for your New Year’s Resolution gym fix. Memberships can cost a bit more, as they give access to state of the art equipment and yoga, pilates, and cardio classes every day, but at CouponCause.com you can find deals on everything connected to the gym: monthly memberships, swag, free passes, and more.

Golds Gym: The gold standard! Gold’s is currently offering a free 7-day VIP membership. This is a perfect chance to take advantage of all the group classes, equipment, and membership perks totally FREE for a whole week! Find a location close to you and sign up for savings at goldsgym.com

Yogaworks: If you’re resolutions this year ran a little closer to getting stretchy and zen versus pumping iron, CouponCause has got you covered too! For those wishing to “Om” it out, try hitting a Yogaworks studio for a free week of unlimited yoga. Find one nearest you at yogaworks.com Namaste!

*Tip: Most yoga studios are one-offs, not franchises, but if you go into almost any one of them, they’ll have a beginner deal. Whether it’s a week of unlimited yoga, a “beginner” package with slashed prices, or a bundle deal when you refer a friend, there’s always a savvy way to save. The same goes for mat and reformer Pilates classes, TRX studios, and zumba classes!

Tips For Getting Organized:

If you’re like us, it seems like one resolution every year is always to get more organized and to de-clutter your home. Here are some sweet tips and savings for doing so!

*Contain Yourself: Sometimes it’s not so much about getting rid of stuff—who can bear to part with seriously sentimental keepsakes—but storing it correctly. In the garage, kids rooms, or anywhere in between, plastic bins or pretty wooden crates with lids are a perfect way to stash paperwork, toys, any gear you don’t normally need, and more. Opt for neat, stackable options that won’t break the bank. Check The Container Store’s sale page for the best savings:

*Shelf It: Installing brand new shelves can seem like a chore, but for just a few hours worth of work, you could have a totally new shelving system for your family. Translation: easy and permanent storage for those books, toys, and knick-knacks that constantly seem to end up on the floor or cluttering tables. The elfa system at The Container Store is currently offering 30% off installation, to boot.

*Makeup and Toiletries: We’ve never really been able to find a pretty and convenient way to stash toiletries, cosmetics, blow driers, curling irons, etc. Everything always seems kind of all over the place and messy. In fact, we’ve even forgotten about a great new product or two because they were hidden under a mess of toiletries! Whether in the bathroom or at the vanity, there are about a million clever ways to keep your girlie things organized and showcase the prettiest ones. For brilliant ideas, head to Pinterest’s Organize Makeup pins:

Launch Your Site:

If you’ve always toyed with the idea of launching a food blog, selling your crafts on your own site, or sharing whatever it is you have to offer the world, there are a few new go-to sites that can help save you money while building your brand!

*wix.com features tons of stunning templates for free, and can help you build out a great website for almost any purpose, hassle free.

*squarespace.com offers a free trial period while you get your site up and running, and is ideal for ecommerce, photography sites, blogging, restaurants, crafts, and more.


Happy New Year!

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