Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 Shopping Guide

November 13, 2014 Shopping Tips and News

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Gobble Gobble!


We get it—between turkey, stuffing, pecan pie, and more, you stuffed yourself silly over Thanksgiving. Taking another bite may be the very last thing on your mind but not to worry…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are still primo for you to feast your eyes on!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming quick—the day after Turkey Day and the following Monday, respectively, and there are plenty of seriously sweet shopping scores you won’t want to miss out on. Historically savings of up 70% are not uncommon, so curl up on the couch with your computer—or brave the stores Friday morning if you’re feeling courageous—and treat yourself to some of the best savings all year.


Whether you’re embracing the crowds in person or simply clicking from home while you eat Thanksgiving leftovers, there’s no doubt some serious shopping is on the horizon! This is a perfect chance to get your holiday shopping underway, or simply score some goodies for yourself.


For all things tech, hit Best Buy early Friday AM (or even Thursday evening, they open at 5pm) and scoop up some mega savings on everything from TV’s to tablets.


Both JC Penney and Target have some of the best Cyber Monday opportunities across the web, and you won’t want to miss the deals going on at either.


JC Penney has already announced their Cyber Monday catalog, with a selection of over 50,000 items to save on—and they’re giving us a head start too, with deals beginning Sunday, November 30th. Target’s got you covered all week long—savings last until Sunday December 6th—so keep your eyes peeled for perfect holiday gifts at too.


If you’re on the lookout for something more specific, scopes out the best sales across the board—from Michael Kors’ handbags to Splendid boots to FitBit’s, Nike’s and workout clothes… we’re scoping these for sure, and stoked to be working off Turkey Day in style!


Last but definitely not least, some truly unreal discounted travel opportunities are yours if you know where to look. Hit the slopes or get tropical (perhaps another reason to snag that new workout outfit) with One Travel CyberMonday and Alaska Airlines flight savings.


Tricks for Treats:

CyberMonday and BlackFriday can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are some tricks to guarantee you snag all the swag you want, whether you’re clicking away while sitting pretty or hitting the mall with the best of ‘em.


*Black Friday:

  1. Do Your Research!

Make a list of exactly what you want—and scan our site to find the most helpful coupons to get it! will you give you the skinny on all the best discounts so you’re armed with the best savings around.

  1. The Earlybird Gets the Worm.

We know it’s not earthshattering news, but getting to these sales early will do wonders for your wallet and your sanity. It’s worth skipping snooze to ensure that all the shops have what you want in stock, and that you’re in and out of there quickly. Which brings us to our next point…

  1. Eyes on the Prize!

This is not the day for leisurely strolling. If you want to be super stealthy about it, scope the store a few days in advance to figure out where your desired items are located, make a mental note, and beeline it Friday morning.


*Cyber Monday

  1. Scout the Web!

Again, if there’s a deal on it,’s got you covered. No matter who you’re shopping for, a perfect gift is definitely in the cards when you search our site for savings. Travel deals, hotels, designer garb—canvas our site for price cuts on all of it.

  1. Stay Secure.

Make sure your wireless network and your login information are both secure and that you log off after your purchases. Getting hacked is a major bummer, but it only takes a few simple steps to make sure your computer is a fortress—so get that login info secure and you won’t have any problems! And speaking of login information…

  1. Do A Test Run.

A few days before Cyber Monday, decide where you’ll be making your purchases from, and be sure you have login info for those sites down pat. There’s nothing worse than having that perfect purchase at your fingertips and not having the slightest memory of what your password was! Last but not least…

  1. Stick to the List!

When it comes to the ease of online shopping, a list and a budget go a long way. It’s easy to overspend when all your doing is clicking buttons, so decide exactly what you’re buying ahead of time, find the best deals around, and click happy! Many stores will release a Black Friday and Cyber Monday preview such as the coveted one from Walmart.


Gobble up these savings while they last, and enjoy—guilt free!

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