Moto X from Republic Wireless – $19 Off First Month of Service

Republic Wireless Moto XThe Moto X has recently been added to the Republic Wireless arsenal of smartphones, making many question their current 2-year agreements with other carriers.  With plans starting at $5 this phone and carrier are sure to give the larger wireless providers a run for their money. We have laid out details of the amazing new phone and are offering an exclusive $19 Off First Month of Service Promo Code for shoppers below!

The Moto X Low Down

The Motorola Moto X is priced nicely at $299 and this DOES NOT require any type of contract. There are no other service providers that are offering this phone at this price without the 2-year commitment. They are able to offer the Moto X at such a low rate because  A. they are primarily a Wi-Fi service provider (wi-fi is used as primary means of talk and text, when not using wi-fi it falls back on the Sprint network) and B. they feel that their attractive and flexible rate plans will create long user retention. Currently Republic Wireless is offering plans from $5 to $40 a month. We have scoured the net for reviews of the device and service plans and from what we have found this is a great carrier/phone.

Rick Brodia did an extensive review on CNET of the Moto X and concluded that no other carriers are able to match the “bang for the buck”.


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