Super Bowl Party Tips for 2015

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just in it for the commercials and the half-time show, Superbowl Sunday is a great opportunity to get your family and friends together. Planning a Superbowl party yourself can feel a little overwhelming, especially on a budget, but fear not! CouponCause has the best Super Bowl party tips for throwing a party that feels fun and festive without breaking the bank. Trust us, follow these easy savings-steps and you’ll want to invite the whole neighborhood!


Superbowl Party with Super Sweet Savings

  1. Find coupons and buy on sale!

Don’t forget to check in with sites like as well as your local supermarkets to compare deals and find the best prices for game-day staples like chips, dips, guacamole, salsa, and more. Also, thinking outside the box for a Superbowl menu can provide serious savings as well as exciting and unexpected snacks for your guests. Don’t be afraid to add in some surprise items: think homemade falafels, artichoke dip, empanadas, a cheese plate, or homemade tatziki with pita chips. Or if your slammed with work this week and are too busy to go grocery shopping check out Von’s or Amazon Fresh for their grocery delivery service. Right now Von’s is offering $5 Off your first order and Amazon Fresh is giving customers a 30-day free trial which includes free next day shipping with a $35 purchase! No you have zero excuses for being too busy!

  1. Costco/Sam’s Club For the Win

You’ll save big time when you shop at these super-savings markets. And while buying in such big bulk might seem a little unnecessary if you’re only having a small get-together, you can double up on savings by snagging groceries you’ll be able to use for dinner the following week! So plan a menu with leftovers that can go the distance and the party will practically pay for itself.

  1. Stick with Homemade!

Whether your menu includes chicken wings, crudite, or a fruit platter, it can be tempting to grab a ready-to-serve tray and be on your way. Don’t do it! The truth is, though this seems extra convenient, it will hurt your wallet big-time in the long run. Plan and prepare your menu a week in advance and do all the slicing, dicing, basting, and baking yourself to be sure you’re party stays well under budget.

  1. No Bevvy of Beverages!

This is Superbowl Sunday, after all, so it’s pretty much mandatory that you have a great beer option—and plenty of it—but as far as other drink choices are concerned, keep the selection to a minimum. Instead of stocking a full bar, or even several non-alcoholic choices, brew up a few pitchers of one signature beverage. Whether this is a fun cocktail or a simple iced tea/lemonade combo, this will be sure to keep costs (as well as time spent tending bar) at a minimum.

  1. Get Everyone Involved!

It’s absolutely polite to assign a few specific dishes, or even napkin, ice, dish ware duty to your guests. Typically, people like to feel helpful and definitely want to contribute something useful to your soiree. Make your game-day gathering pot-luck style and, no matter whose playing onscreen, everyone in your living room will win! The one caveat: be specific about what you need from guests. Instead of just writing “Potluck” on the invite, reach out to a few specific people and ask if they wouldn’t mind preparing a particular dish you know their famous for.

  1. Deals, deals, deals!

One final tip: Buying a brand new big screen can be pricy, but Superbowl Sunday may be the best day of the year to do so. If you like leaving things till the last minute, and buy a TV just before guests arrive—or if game day just isn’t really your thing—be sure to take advantage of slashed prices all day long on February 1st. Find all the best TV Deals at Best Buy with savings of up to 50% Off


Follow these easy savings ideas and you’ll be sure to enjoy your Superbowl Sunday with friends, family, and zero stress!

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