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11 IdealFit FAQs From Our Experts

IdealFit fitness products for women are designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. Find pre-workout mixes, proteins, and even workout clothing that all come together to help you look and feel great.

Shop the IdealFit selection right from the comfort of your home and trust that you're being provided with only the highest quality products. You can also visit the IdealFit location for personal interaction with their team of trainers if you're around Utah!

Does IdealFit really work?

Yes! Thousands of happy customers have improved their fitness levels with the help of IdealFit. Find out for yourself by giving IdealFit a try.

Does IdealFit ship to Canada?

Yes! IdealFit does ship to Canada for an extra cost, as well as a handful of other countries around the globe.

From where does IdealFit ship?

The IdealFit headquarters is located in Lindon, Utah!

Does IdealFit fat burner work?

Yes. Many happy women have achieved their fitness goals with the help of IdealFit fat burners and fitness products.

What are the IdealFit payment options?

You can pay for your IdealFit order with the following payment options:

Does IdealFit accept returns?

IdealFit has a 1 year return policy for a full refund. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer unless the return is being issued because of a fault by IdealFit. Visit IdealFit returns for more information.

Does IdealFit offer promotions?

Yep! You can find all of the latest IdealFit coupons and other promotions regularly updated right here at

Does IdealFit accept PayPal?

Yes. IdealFit will accept PayPal as a valid form of payment for online orders.

To where does IdealFit ship?

IdealFit will ship orders around the globe. Here is where IdealFit will ship orders:

Does IdealFit expire?

Yes. IdealFit products may expire. Be sure to check your IdealFit product packaging for any relevant information on expiration dates.

Does IdealFit have a customer service phone number?

Yes. You can reach IdealFit customer service by phone at (+1) (800) 515-0896, Monday through Thursday 6am to 9pm MST, Friday 6am to 5pm MST and Saturday 8am to 5pm MST.