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13 Outdoorsy FAQs From Our Experts

Outdoorsy is an online booking service that connects RV owners to interested renters across the country and in Canada. All Outdoorsy trips are two-way insured and supported with both roadside assistance and 24/7 phone support for industry-leading safety and accountability. In their unique leveraging of supply-and-demand, Outdoorsy is changing how people camp, vacation, and roadtrip.

How do I find information on the Outdoorsy Black Friday sale?

In prior years, Outdoorsy has offered a few coupon codes that could be found on different websites around the same time as Black Friday but did not run a specific Black Friday sale. For the best savings, check the Outdoorsy website or visit CouponCause for the latest coupon codes.

What can be expected for the Outdoorsy Cyber Monday sale?

Outdoorsy Cyber Monday sales have been sparse in previous years. There were some savings offered but they weren’t specifically released for Cyber Monday. You can visit CouponCause to find the latest Outdoorsy coupons and for more information about potential Cyber Monday deals.

How does Outdoorsy work?

Outdoorsy is a two-way booking service for RV owners and parties interested in renting them. They provide a secure web environment in which owners list their RV or similar property to rent, in addition to enabling renters to search for, reserve, and pay for them locally.

How do I contact Outdoorsy customer service?

Outdoorsy guarantees dedicated customer support for every rental. They can be reached at: support@outdoorsy.com, (415) 930-4841, or via live chat on their website.

How do I rent an RV with Outdoorsy?

The process for renting with Outdoorsy is not unlike reserving a rental car, or, more specifically an AirBnB. Select the dates and locations of your excursion and browse local RVs for the option that best fits your needs. Properties are individually owned, so most will have different amenities, policies, and prices.

How much does Outdoorsy cost?

Outdoorsy's online reservation service is free to use with no initial sign-up fee.

Do I have to pay Outdoorsy to rent out my RV?

Outdoorsy collects a 20% share of all booking sales made through their service. This covers industry-leading two-way insurance, roadside assistance, and customer support, among other umbrella services.

What is the Outdoorsy payment process?

All invoicing and payments between owner and renter are facilitated through the Outdoorsy website to ensure safety and transparency of the transaction.

What does Outdoorsy have available to rent?

More than RVs, Outdoorsy lists a wide variety of recreational properties:

How do I list my RV on Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy instructs interested parties to visit their owners portal to begin listing their property.

Does Outdoorsy have any renter restrictions?

Renters must be twenty-five or older with a valid licence and safe driving history. Every renter is subject to DMV Record Check before their purchase can be confirmed.

Does Outdoorsy have a cancellation policy?

Outdoorsy allows owners to choose from three pre-arranged cancellation policies to attach to their listing:

Outdoorsy Cancellation Options

Policy Deposit Timing
Flexible Deposit (25%) is refundable if canceled more than 5 before start Full refund 5 days notice / 75% refund less than 5 days notice
Moderate Deposit (25%) is non-refundable 75% refund 7 days notice / 50% refund less than 7 days notice
Strict Deposit (50%) is non-refundable 50% refund 14 days notice / No refund less than 14 days notice

Why should I list with Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy listed RV owners can make as much as $30,000 a year renting their recreational property. Along with the monetary benefit, Outdoorsy aims to build a community of like-minded RV enthusiasts and experts—so, don't be surprised if you make a few new friends, too.