Head back to school with inspiration and useful gear

Whew! It seems like the summer just got started and already it is time to start thinking about going back to school. From the little ones starting their first real school year to college students and busy moms just trying to keep everyone’s hectic schedules organized, we can all use some happy boosts and some useful tools to turn to. And maybe through all of the running and errands and homework and so on, we can use a bit of a spiritual boost as well. 

DaySpring has some lovely items for this exciting but challenging time of year that are meant to help you keep track of who should be where and other important things like project due dates, class field trips, and that important manicure because you know you have to take care of yourself, too! 

These items are perfect gifts for the busy people in your life including the college student heading off for the first time away from home but you might want to get two because you will want these things for yourself as well. 

 #1. The Write Love Pencil Holder by Candace Cameron Bure

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or you just keep a small table set up to manage bills and other tasks, it just makes things easier if you have an assortment of pen and pencils in that space at all times. Of course, you don’t just want pens rolling around and cluttering up your work area so some people will grab an old coffee mug or jar. 

If you would prefer to have a more pulled-together-looking space, the Write Love Pencil Holder is the perfect solution. A simple white, angled box with gold trim and yet, so elegant and perfect to fit in with nearly any decor. On the front side, you will find two words: Write and Love. Personally, I think of it as a suggestion. Everything we write should be written with love, care, and with forethought. Even something as simple and tedious as writing out the month’s bills should be done with some care as you think of what those bills are taking care of and remembering with gratitude that you are able to pay them. 

It is also perfect for the college dorm room to remind your student that although there will be struggles and challenges, there will also be love and support waiting for them at home. 

#2. The Sadie Robertson Live Original, Inspirational DayBrightener

Actress Sadie Robertson’s lovely DayBrightener is the perfect accessory for your desk. Made to stand up on its own or fold down if you need to tuck it away, each page gives you the date and a positive saying to lift your spirits, a piece of scripture, or a Live Original challenge. An example of the challenges from February 7 is, “How can you change one thought today in order to make your self just a little happier?” It is a simple question but far more challenging than you would think. Hopefully, you come up with an answer and your day is improved more than just a little bit. 

The pages are all muted shades of dark blues, yellows, and browns with clear white letters that are easy to read. When you reach the end of the day on July 1st, flip the whole thing over and continue on with the rest of the year. 

Because there are no years and the days of the week are not included, you can reuse this DayBrightener forever. The words of inspiration will speak to the busy student racing from class to class as well as to the mom with a thousand obligations to herself and to her family. 

#3. The Love File Folders by Candace Cameron Bure

If you have ever struggled to keep papers neat and organized you know that file folders are an answer to your struggles. Sure, you can pick up some cheap, manilla folders but those are bland. You deserve stylish but still functional folders for your desk

In this set of six, you get 2 each of 3 designs. The first is white and pink with a gold embossed, geometric design that reminds us that love is kind. The second design is a white background with circles and semi-circles in shades of gray, brown, black, and gold. The final design has a pink background with small gold polka dots and a black border at the top. In a space in the middle are the words “write LOVE. speak LOVE. live LOVE” 

Included are 12 blank adhesive labels so you can clearly mark your files. Whether you are trying to keep bills, warranty papers, instruction manuals, and kindergarten artwork organized and tidy or your school work, term papers, and assignments ready to go, these cheerful folders will hopefully lift your day and your spirits as you see your challenge and tackle it. 

#4. Studio 71 Peace in Every Promise 18-Month Premium Devotional Planner

What a beautiful addition to a desk in any home or dorm room this planner would be. The cover is a shade of light mint green with white flowers and gold touches. Peace in every promise is written in gold lettering. A gold elastic band holds your planner closed until you are ready to use it. 

The inside cover is pink with gold designs. Your first page has a space for your name and phone number followed by 2 pages with a standard calendar for the years 2023 and 2024. The actual planner starts with July 2022 and has big open blocks so that you can write in appointments, birthdays, and other important dates. Space is also available for notes on the right-hand side. 

Each month is also broken down into weeks so that you can create a daily agenda. This is especially helpful if there are more things to do in a single day than you can fit in a single block on a typical calendar. 

As you move through the year, you will find Bible verses and encouraging words that can help comfort you in especially trying times. You will also find longer entries of faith before the start of each month. Each of these ends with a short prayer and blank lines so that you can add your own thoughts or offer up your own prayers. 

When you reach the end of the planner you will find blank pages for notes where you can jot down your thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Additional sections include gratitude, goals, to do, and hope. A pocketed page is the very last thing you will find. Here you can store receipts, important papers, small souvenirs, or special notes and drawings until you move them to a more permanent spot. 

#5. Prayers to Share, 100 Empowering Notes for Kids

Being a little kid is hard, especially these days. There are so many reasons for school to be scary for little ones and it can be a challenge to help them feel secure away from home. You can tuck a page of this charming book into their folder or a lunch box so that your little one finds a helpful word and a reminder of the love they have waiting for them at home. 

On the front cover is a smart little fox, off to find adventure. Inside you will find notes with easy-to-read prayers and inspirational words. Each page is blank on the back so that you can add your own words of love or even draw a silly picture to make your child laugh even on their most trying days. 


#6. 24 Assorted Greeting Cards and Organizational File Folder Box

Always be prepared for a birthday, anniversary, or other occasions with this collection of 24 greeting cards. The cards range from simple to more embellished and may include glitter, sparkle, and other touches. Each comes with a coordinated envelope. 

The organizational box resembles an oversized envelope with a muted design on all sides and a dark blue top. The inside is pink and includes a short verse on the top cover. Dividers allow you to organize the cards into categories including thank you cards, encouragement, and birthdays. Or you can flip the dividers over and separate the cards by the months instead. You can list birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates on the lines of the cards so you remember just who you are sending a card to and why. 

You can add your own cards to the collection as you desire. There is a small pocket that can be used for holding stamps and address labels. There is plenty of room inside for pens and your address book as well. 

While many college students just send greetings electronically, some do find something charming about sending an actual card, especially to their older relatives. Setting them up for success with this starter collection is a very thoughtful gift and allows them to spread kindness and love whenever they choose. It may also encourage them to start sending cards to their close friends and allow them to form deeper connections and tighter bonds. Everyone loves to get a kind note or a pretty greeting card but sending them can be just as rewarding. 

Back to school is always such a hectic but exciting time of the year no matter the age or the grade. From the smell of freshly sharpened pencils to choosing just the right backpack to getting ready to face the endless stream of projects, field trips, and homework assignments, hopefully, the items here will rein in some of the chaos and remind you to take that quiet moment to reflect and move on through your day with peace, love, and a deep sense of faith.