CC Cause Spotlight: Mental Health America

"The only thing more exhausting than having a mental illness is pretending like you don't." Mental health is a very serious issue and one that has traditionally been taboo in our culture. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from mental illness and many of those individuals don't know what is happening to them or where to find the appropriate help.

Mental Health America is a community based nonprofit organization that is focused on helping to address the many issues and obstacles surrounding the mental health in our society. By helping identify and treat mental health issues Before Stage 4, the point at which experts say is the most critical time in the process of mental health diseases.

Here you will learn a little more about the Mental Health America mission and the various ways you can get involved with the organization!

Mental Health America Mission

Mental Health America was founded way back in 1909 by a man named Clifford W. Beers, originally calling it the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. A name that has appropriately evolved since! The organization was originally started after Beers himself suffered from mental illness and was committed to an institution. While there, he witnessed firsthand the "shameful conditions" that patients were subjected to and vowed to make a difference.

Throughout the decades, Mental Health America has evolved its focus to all aspects of mental health including early identification, easy access, proper and affordable treatment and education. You can view a detailed timeline of the Mental Health America history here.

Today, the Mental Health America mission is to put mental health awareness on the same level as overall awareness. We schedule regular visits to the doctor for physicals and checkups. Mental Health America hopes to make citizens as aware of their mental health as their physical health. Additionally, they provide prevention, early identification, intervention, support and recovery services for those in need.

Recent successes include a 2008 Act, the Mental health Parity Act, being signed into law as a result of the advocacy of Mental Health America. The advocacy of Mental Health America also influenced a Supreme Court ruling which declared that juveniles could no longer receive the death penalty. This motion helped get 73 individuals off of death row.

If mental health is a subject that you feel strongly about, you may want to consider donating your time or money to the cause. Let's explore some ways you can get involved with Mental Health America.

Get Involved with Mental Health America

Donating time or money to an organization is a gesture that won't go unappreciated. There are plenty of ways to get involved with Mental Health America from donating to volunteering. Additionally, Mental Health America is one of our Featured Causes. This means that the coupons you use to save money at turn into direct donations for our partnering organizations, including Mental Health America. 

Here are ways to help Mental Health America:

Mental Health America FAQs

What does Mental Health America do?

Mental Health America helps individuals with mental health issues identify them early and find the resources necessary to get better. Early intervention and recovery are main aspects of Mental Health America.

Where is Mental Health America based?

Mental Health America is based out of Alexandria, VA but has operations in many cities across the United States.

How can I contact Mental Health America?

You can call Mental Health America at (703) 684-7722 or toll free at (800) 969-6642. If you would like help from Mental Health America, we encourage you to call immediately.

Does Mental Health America diagnose mental illnesses?

Mental Health America provides basic online methods for screening mental conditions, however professional help is recommended if you think you are having an issue. You can take MHA Screening test to receive links and information on conditions that can help you find relief.

Does Mental Health America help people find the help they need?

Yes. You can use Mental Health America to find help whether it's someone to talk to immediately or a professional for a diagnosis and therapy. Find help with Mental Health America.