Gifts to Celebrate Those Who Serve

They are the first people that we can count on. Teachers, nurses, doctors, and EMTs are the people who put their heart and soul into their work but are too often the last on the list of people getting thanked. Whether you need to show your gratitude to a teacher who changed your life or to the nurse who saved it, this list can help you find the perfect way to say how much you care and how much appreciation for people who do the most demanding jobs in the world. 

This list includes items for specific jobs and gifts that would be perfect for practically anybody. There are even greeting cards that you can have with your present to make it even more special. 

#1. 50 Devos for Teachers

Tell a favorite teacher that they make a difference with this small book of devotions and life lessons. From the cheerful stripes on the cover to the happy polka dots on the inside, this pocket sized book is pretty enough to display on a table or pop into a laptop bag or purse so that it is always handy when a quick inspiring word is needed. 

Each page starts with a scripture related to the short and helpful life lesson. Each page ends with a prayer that helps solidify what was just learned. The book can be read in order or the titles can be scanned for the exact right lesson for whatever is going on at the time. 

Personalize the book with the to/from page in the front cover and add your own personal message of thanks so that your teacher knows how much you truly appreciate them. 

#2. 50 Devos for Healthcare Heroes and Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-along Notes to Encourage Healthcare Heroes

Give these as a bundle or split them up, they are perfect either way. The 50 Devos for Healthcare Heroes is small enough to tuck into a uniform pocket to turn to during a quiet moment in the chaotic world of the healthcare professional. Each page starts with scripture and ends with a short but uplifting prayer. Short stories centered on healthcare work provide real world examples of how these gentle words can be so helpful and calming, even when it seems that nothing really matters. Just a few minutes of reading and reflection can remind your favorite nurse or other stressed-out service worker that they really do make a difference. 

Have you ever wanted to show love and appreciation to a nurse or a lab technician but was unsure of how? Have you seen a healthcare worker struggling and wished that you could go over and give them a hug and offer some gentle words of support? This collection of notes is the perfect way to offer that support without interrupting the worker’s day or making them feel self-conscious in any way. Each page can be torn out of the book and has a blank space so that you can add your own hopeful and helpful words to the prayers and kind message that is printed on them. The inside cover offers suggestions for more ways to share the prayer notes such as leaving them behind on a table or putting them under windshield wipers at the parking lot. 

#3. 366 Days of Hope and Encouragement

Specially designed to be a perpetual calendar, you can give this to a nurse, doctor, teacher or anyone who may need some daily encouragement. You might even want to buy one for yourself. Spiral bound so that it can be flipped open to the correct page, you get an inspirational quote or a piece of scripture every day. 

The cover is dark blue with gold lettering and inside the pages are muted, natural tones so that the words remain the main focus. Each day does have enough blank space so that you can add special dates or reminders of events that happen every year. 

#4. Grace & A Lotta Coffee Mug

Even people who do not drink coffee or tea will appreciate this lovely, 14 ounce mug. It is a creamy, off-white porcelain with caramel brown words and a criss-cross pattern. On one side the mug reads, “This morning I need a little grace & a whole lotta coffee!”. On the other side is Psalm 139:18, “When I wake up in the morning, you are still with me!”. 

Dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug can also be used for soup, hot or cold foods, or just to hold pens on a desk. It is sturdy and heavy duty and would also make a sweet way to start a young plant. 

A great way to offer this mug as a gift to a teacher or nurse would be to package it with their favorite beverages or a sampling mixture if you are not sure of what to give. You could even tuck in a gift card to a local coffee shop to make your gift even more special. 

#5. Thinking of You Greeting Cards 

Sometimes just a heartfelt note or a lovely greeting card is enough to show some love and appreciation. This collection of coffee-themed greeting cards features a warm sentiment and a bit of scripture as well as enough space to add your own personal wishes and thoughts. There are 3 of each of the 4 designs for a total of 12 cards and plain white envelopes. You can mail a card or present it with or without one of the listed gifts above. Maybe include it with a bouquet of flowers to let a service worker or First Responder know how much they mean to you every single day. 

Any day would be the perfect time to give these everyday heroes the appreciation they so greatly deserve. Make sure that you are giving a little extra care and love on September 12th, the National Day of Encouragement. October is also quickly approaching. October is Ministry Appreciation Month. Take a few minutes to show service workers, healthcare workers, and teachers how much they mean with a gift they will not only be thankful for but one that may provide them with some kindness and compassion too. 

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