Love is in the air - 4 gifts to share love this Valentine's Day

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us now. Before us are the icy days of winter before spring comes to zap us back to life. This more than ever is the best time to celebrate all things love with a capital L.

Whether you are showing love to your family, friends, or coworkers, DaySpring has you covered with gifts from the heart for every special person in your life. Spread a little joy for Valentine’s Day with these lovely gifts. We can’t wait to show you how beautiful they are and to share what we think is so special about each of them.


#1. Valentine’s Day Card Assortment

Remember back in school when everyone got to pass out the tiny, adorable cards to their classmates? Some had little candies attached to them, and others were just special because of the character that graced the front. And among all of those cards that you dumped out and scattered across the floor was the ONE, that magical card that was from the one person that you were sure you were destined to marry one day! Everyone loved getting those cards and now as adults, we can all use a tiny bit of that magic back in our lives. Remind someone how you feel about them while also giving them a bit of inspiration to feel the higher love at the same time with these assorted cards.

Each box comes with 24 cards in total, with 8 designs. The designs are all shades of pinks, reds, and purples and feature a reminder of God’s love plus a short Biblical verse with plenty of room to include your own message. They are perfect for family and friends of all ages.

Pair one of these beautiful cards with any of the other items on this list or choose from a whole array of appareljewelry, or other gifts.

#2. The DaySpring Ceramic Tumbler

The style name of this ceramic tumbler is “ Walk in Love” and there could be no better name for it. From the glazed white background to the cheerful, bright-colored flowers it is a charming and vibrant way to start the day with the beverage of choice. It holds a full 12 ounces of hot or cold liquids and comes with a snug-fitting lid with a sliding opening for spill-free sipping on the go.

The Walk in Love tumbler is dishwasher safe after removing the lid but should not be used in the microwave. It does fit nicely in the cup holder of most vehicles.

This lovely tumbler would be a perfect gift for a coworker and can be paired with an assortment of teas, cocoas, or fancy chocolates. It would also be a nice gift for your busy mom friends. A word to the wise though, you may want to buy two because you are definitely going to want to keep one for yourself.

#3. (In) Courage Devotional Bible and New Grace Mug Gift Set

Whether you are giving this gift to a woman just starting a new family, a couple just starting on their journey of love or as a gift for someone who is reaffirming their commitment to faith, this set is as uplifting and warm as it is beautiful.

(In) Courage Devotional Bible

The (In) Courage Devotional Bible is a Christian standard Bible and comes in a heavy, gift-worthy box that is perfect for keeping it dust-free when not in use. The Bible itself is bound in the leather touch material in shades of desert, mustard, and alabaster making it elegant enough to remain out on display or given pride of place on the family bookshelf.

To begin your journey with this devotional Bible, there are pages called “My Commitment” where you can fill in your name and the names of the people that are part of your own community. There is a second “My Commitment” page that can be used by a woman to record her story and it starts with “Meet______, a woman of courage”. This page also has additional space for names, dates, and notes as you write your personal journey.

One of the best features of this Bible is the way that it is laid out, starting with the section called “How to read the Bible” and the following section which highlights all of the features in this particular version. Along the way, you will find reflective devotions as well a highlight of the women of courage found in the bible.  Journaling space is also provided at the bottom of the pages so that you can write your thoughts, questions that you might want to reflect upon later, and how you are feeling.

The New Grace Mug 

This 16-ounce ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It has two messages, “Feel the Freedom” and “Today has new grace” in bold black against a glazed white background. Sunny yellow flowers, touches of green leaves, splashes of orange, and just a swatch of pale pink make this a charming, mood-brightening mug perfect to get a day off to a warm and wonderful start.

This set is perfect for young women heading off to college or to their first home away from home. It is also perfect for new brides, people who are new to the Christian faith and makes a lovely and inviting first Bible for anyone to enjoy.

#4. The Love Over All, Jesus Every Day Devotional Guide by Candace Cameron Bure

Busy mom, wife, and actress Candace Cameron-Bure has been a staple on the Hallmark channel for years. In 2018, she partnered with DaySpring to help create a line of Christian-themed gifts including apparel, jewelry, candles, and devotional books. What better way to express love of every kind with this book of devotional selections?

Beginning with a welcome letter from Candace herself, the soft-bound book gives some insight into why you should read the Bible, tips to knowing more about your faith, and more guidance into getting the most out of the book as you read. Each chapter is divided into a verse and devotional thoughts followed by questions or a guided activity. One activity is to write a letter to God. Additional notes and thoughts from Candace are included throughout and there are spaces for journaling plus an area for your biggest takeaway from the chapter.

Inspirational photos are included throughout. At the end of the book, you will find several other titles by Candace, all available at DaySpring as well. In addition to devotional guides, you will find children’s books, fashion advice, and more.

The Love Over All Devotional Guide is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for your female relatives and closest friends especially for those who are fans of Candace and who isn’t?

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There is nothing better than sharing the love with everyone around you unless it is sharing the love and saving money at the same time!