HelloFresh Hall of Fame Meal Showdown: Which is the True King of Tastiness?

HelloFresh meals are known for being easy to prepare, convenient and extremely delicious. Each week, HelloFresh offers a fresh selection of 17 meals for customers to select as part of a subscription. Among the meals offered are certain “Hall of Fame” meals that have been labeled as such because of their widespread popularity among HelloFresh patrons. Like most other HelloFresh meals, these meals can be cooked in around a half hour, give or take an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

For the purposes of this review, I’ll be looking specifically at HelloFresh Hall of Fame meals and comparing them to determine, which is the most “Hall of Fame” of them all! It’s a daunting task, and while I won’t be able to review ALL Hall of Fame meals (there are 60+ of them!), we have covered 6 of the most popular options here.

To complete this review of HelloFresh Hall of Fame meals, we were sent a box of 3 meals from HelloFresh. Purchasing HelloFresh through links on this page will result in a commission earned for ReviewsPlus.

Hall of Fame Meal Review

#1 - Tuscan Sausage and Pepper Spaghetti 

Ingredients: Yellow Onion // Bell Pepper // Parsley // Diced Tomatoes // Tuscan Heat Spice // Sweet Italian Pork Sausage // Spaghetti // Chicken Stock Concentrate // Parmesan Cheese

What You’ll Need Already: Vegetable Oil // Butter // Salt // Pepper

Total Time: 35 minutes

If you love pasta, you will thoroughly enjoy the Tuscan Sausage and Pepper Spaghetti. Flavorful, meaty and extremely easy to make, this HelloFresh Hall of Fame meal will have you rethinking the spaghetti recipe you normally keep in rotation. I’m a huge fan of the included Tuscan Heat Spice (recipe here), which is also included in another dish featured a little further down this list. It provides a spicy kick to an otherwise comforting (and filling) dish. The sausage tasted high quality and also came in high quantity. There was actually too much sausage in ratio to the noodles provided. Parmesan cheese is included but we enjoy things extra cheesy in our kitchen, so we added more from our personal stock. This is a recipe you’ll want to bookmark.

-Very easy to make
-A perfect recipe to “borrow” for your weekly lineup

-Meat to noodle ratio was a little off
-More cheese!

#2 - Sweet n Smoky Pork Chops

Ingredients: Scallions // Mayonnaise // White Wine Vinegar // Shredded Carrots // Yukon Gold Potatoes // Pork Chops // Smoky Cinnamon Paprika Spice // Apple // Cherry Jam // Sour Cream

What You’ll Need Already: Olive Oil // Butter // Salt // Pepper

Total Time: 40 minutes

The Sweet n Smoky Pork Chops are a tasty recipe that put a fun spin on a classic dish. This wasn’t one of the dishes I was sent for this review but I have ordered it in the past. Equal parts sweet and savory, these pork chops are covered in smoked paprika and cinnamon, roasted and then finally covered with a cherry jam to bring it all together. For a side, HelloFresh provides potatoes for mashing and an apple and carrot slaw to pair. This is an overall tasty dish, with the pork chops and cherry jam clearly stealing the show. The mashed potatoes were just okay, as was the apple and carrot slaw.

-The carrots for the slaw come pre-shredded
-Unique cherry jam makes this pork chop dish truly stand out

-Boneless pork chops were on the small side
-The sides weren’t anything to take notes on

#3 - Melty Monterey Jack Burgers 

Ingredients: Red Onion // Garlic // Balsamic Vinegar // Zucchini // Ground Beef // Dried Oregano // Mayonnaise // Ketchup // Panko Breadcrumbs // Monterey Jack Cheese // Potato Buns

What You’ll Need Already: Sugar // Vegetable Oil // Pepper // Salt

Total Time: 35 minutes

The Melty Monterey Jack Burgers were, in complete honesty, one of the best HelloFresh meals I have ever had. I’m a sucker for a good, unique burger, and the Melty Monterey Jack Burger Hall of Fame meal from HelloFresh checks all the boxes. Sure, the meat tastes deliciously fresh and the potato bun is an instant classic, but the star of the show here is the “onion jam”. One of the reasons HelloFresh is so beloved is that by cooking their recipes, everyday chefs can pick up tricks that can be utilized with many other dishes. The “onion jam” combination of sauteed onions, vinegar and sugar is one of those tricks that is included with this dish. The zucchini came out much softer than I would have preferred, but it’s nice to have something green plated with these juicy patties.

-Filling when compared to some other HelloFresh meals
-Onion jam is on another level and simple to make with future dishes

-The zucchini was forgettable
-Prep time was longer than forecasted by HelloFresh

#4 - Veggie Chile Rellenos 

Ingredients: Poblano Pepper // Jasmine Rice // Yellow Onion // Roma Tomato // Lime // Chili Pepper // Sour Cream // Vegetable Stock Concentrate // Southwest Spice Blend // Monterey Jack Cheese // Avocado

What You’ll Need Already: Vegetable Oil // Olive Oil // Butter // Salt // Pepper

Total Time: 30 minutes

Pulling off proper Chile Rellenos can seem like a daunting task... but with the help of HelloFresh, Chile Rellenos will become just another entry on the growing list of things you are able to cook. This HelloFresh Hall of Fame recipe is shipped to your door with poblano peppers which are earthy, sweet and very vibrant. This HelloFresh dish, in particular, features loads of bright color and looks restaurant-made once plated. Served on a bed of jasmine rice and cooked with “light” ingredients, the Chile Rellenos were delicious but ultimately not filling for me. I was hungry as soon as I finished.

-Bright, vibrant ingredients help you cook to impress
-Can be made vegan by not using the cheese, butter and sour cream

-A zester is required - I did not have one
-Was not a filling dinner

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#5 - Pork and Veggie Bibimbap 

Ingredients: Jasmine Rice // Scallions // Carrot // Zucchini // Ginger // Garlic // White Wine Vinegar // Sesame Oil // Sriracha // Soy Sauce // Ground Pork

What You’ll Need Already: Sugar // Vegetable Oil // Salt // Pepper

Total Time: 30 minutes

HelloFresh brings Korean bibimbap into your kitchen with this unique Hall of Fame entry. The Pork and Veggie Bibimbap is an example of a dish that many people don’t know how to cook (or even know about - me included!), that then becomes a staple after preparing this version from HelloFresh. Bibimbap requires you to combine all the ingredients together for a flavorful mishmash of pork, veggies and rice. The veggies include carrot, zucchini, garlic and scallions and provide a nice mix of textures in combination with the ground pork.

-Rare flavors not commonly used in home kitchens
-Reheats very well for solo eaters

-A wide variety of ingredients requires a fair amount of prep
-Does not come with a side

#6 - Pasta Parmesan 

Ingredients: Zucchini // Fresh Mozzarella // Yellow Onion // Garlic // Basil // Penne Pasta // Tuscan Heat Spice // Marinara Sauce // Parmesan Cheese // Panko Breadcrumbs

What You’ll Need Already: Olive Oil // Salt // Pepper

Total Time: 35 minutes

Cheesy, crunchy, broiled pasta is the endgame with this Hall of Fame HelloFresh meal. The Pasta Parmesan was the final meal I prepared out of the 3 that were sent courtesy of HelloFresh and it did not disappoint. It was nice to have a non-meat based meal in the selection and one where the broiler is utilized. The directions for this dish weren’t as clear as most recipes I’ve received from HelloFresh and took some careful re-reading. There was some confusion about when to combine all the elements but we got through it and ended up with a delicious dinner. My favorite part about this dish was the creaminess of the cheese combined with the crunch of the breadcrumbs. 

-The cheesy/crunchy combination is mouth-watering
-Top-notch option for those who don’t eat meat (though it does have dairy)

-Somewhat confusing directions
-No side dish