5 Gifts Mothers will Adore

Mother’s Day was established as a nationally and officially recognized holiday in the US by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. But, the holiday actually started several years before that. The holiday we celebrate on the second Sunday in May is also celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world on various dates. We celebrate motherhood in all its forms today, from foster moms to adoptive moms, and to the communities that surround, protect and nurture us.

If you are struggling with a gift to honor the Mothers in your life, (Mom, Mother-in-law, wife) here are some suggestions to consider. (All items can be found at Dayspring).

#1. A Prayer a Day For Mothers  & Generations Necklace in Silvertone

This beautiful little book is about the same size as a paperback novel. The cover is gray with slightly raised flowers in pinks and yellows. Both the inside front and back covers are mauve with more of the same flowers scattered about. There is a To/From page where you can include the date and a short, personal message if you would like. 

Each page features the date (without the day of the week or the year so the book can be used forever), and that day’s prayer. The relevant Bible verse is given at the top of the page and then the prayer follows. All of the pages are in shades of goldenrod yellow and soft pink. Sections are separated by gray pages that list the month. Mom can keep track of her place in the book with the attached pink ribbon. 

This lovely, delicate necklace is rhodium plated with a silvertone finish. The three interlocking circles represent generations of a family, holding together as a single unit, always a part of one another. 

It comes attached to a sturdy card and is covered in plastic to keep it safely in place until it is placed around the neck of the recipient. A short Bible verse is printed on the back of the cardstock to drive home the true importance and meaning behind the simple design of this beautiful piece of jewelry. 

#2. The 18 Month Agenda Planner for 2022-2023

Moms are busy so anything that can be of help to them is a welcome gift.This spiral-bound agenda planner charms from the front cover to the back. Outside, the wipe-clean cover is simplistic in design and features a short verse. 

The first page encourages the user to “share hope with others” in the form of perforated note cards of prayer and comfort, friendship, and encouragement. The next several pages are stickers to help bring your agenda to life. Stickers include reminders for holidays, events, and special occasions. There are hearts, stars, and exclamation points to add wherever you like. Additional stickers remind us to pray, have faith, believe, dream, hope, and trust.

Each month is separated by a page with a Bible quote and laminated tabs on the side so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. The months are laid out in block format with the previous and following month on the side. There is a small space for writing short notes or adding one of the relevant stickers. Additionally, there are dates that are given in a line format that gives you far more room to make notes if needed. Finally, there is a page at the end of each month specifically for notes. 

At the end of the planner is a section that is simply called “notes” that can be used for journaling, planning, or doodling when you find yourself stuck on a project or on hold for one reason or another. 

The final page of this planner is a heavy-duty pocket page with a pocket on both sides perfect for holding greeting cards, receipts, warranty information, and other papers that you may not want to file away just yet. 


#3. One Step Closer Bible Presented by Candace

Candace Cameron-Bure has been a part of the Dayspring for many years with a line of inspirational books, beautifully designed Bibles, jewelry, and apparel. The One Step Closer Bible is written using the New Living Translation so that it is easy to read and more importantly, to understand. 

Packaged in an elegant white with a gold trim box that is perfect for gift-giving, this Bible is sure to become a family favorite. The inside cover features a medium pink with an almost white-washed appearance. Understated, feminine, and elegant, it is as pleasing to the eye as words are comforting to the soul. After the available dedication page is a message from Candace that explains her personal favorite features of this Bible and how to get the most from it. Additional information on how and why to read the Bible in general and this one specifically is included in the following section. 

Each section has highlighted verses or relevant topics that are discussed so that you can fully absorb the lessons being taught there. Three satin ribbons are bound within the book and can help you mark favorite passages, where you left off, or a section you want to further discuss with a partner, friend, or someone that greatly impacts your spiritual journey through life. 

At the end of your journey, you will find a section called “Help Finder”. This section lists words or concepts and then guides you to passages that will help you address them. 

#4. The Be Still Organizational Bag

Whether it is a brand new mom with her diaper bag or a soccer mom with her overflowing tote filled with team schedules, first aid kit, snacks, water bottles, and yes, a spare jersey for those on the field mishaps, nearly every mom would benefit from a well organized but still stylish bag

This bag is versatile enough to be used for everything from a small diaper bag to an overnight bag, to a purse, or even a briefcase for the working mom. Yes, it will hold a standard file folder or notebook. It may even hold a small tablet fairly well. 

It is the perfect size to hold any of DaySpring’s beautiful Bibles including the One Step Closer Bible featured on this list. You can keep your Bible and other daily items neat and organized but always with you.

Outside, the dark blue bag is made of vinyl with a stitched binding around the edges. A snap-closed pocket is on the front and back and opens to a pale peach interior. The words “Be Still” are printed in the same peach on the front of the bag with a floral design on either side. The handles are brown and the hardware is all gold tone. 

The bag can be opened completely so that it lays flat for easy organization. You can also unzip the bag a small amount to use it as a purse if you prefer. Inside, you will find two clear plastic, zippered pouches in two different sizes. These can be used for toiletries, makeup, jewelry, ink pens, note cards, or other small items. 

On the opposite side of the interior are three sections. The first section has a snap closure and runs the entire width of the bag. The other 2 sections are black mesh, divided down the middle. Items are secured with the elastic band at the top of the mesh. The interior of the bag is all peach with the exception of the black mesh. 

The bag zips closed on both sides with high-quality zippers and a large zip pull. The top remains open so that you can easily access items inside. Four rounded feet at the bottom of the bag give it the stability to stand on its own on most surfaces. 

#5. The Mother’s Day Assortment Cards 

Some people make sure to send a card to their own mother, their mother-in-law, and to their spouse to thank them for all that they do every day. If you like to send those cards but tend to forget to buy them until it is too late, this boxed set is perfect for you. 

Twenty-four cards in total with 8 different designs give you options to send the perfect sentiment every year. The cards are all simple but beautiful floral designs that allow the words to be the true star. 

If you are wondering at all, yes, every single item on this list does fit perfectly inside of the organizational bag for that super special gift that covers every base. No matter which you choose, your Mother will adore it because you bought it for her and because you will always be her child no matter how old you get to be. To every Mother out there, Happy Mother’s Day, may your day be filled with love, laughter, and warmth, and may those feelings spread out to everyone around you for the entire year. 

This Mother’s Day let us help you find the perfect gift that makes the mothers in your life feel special.