Nectar Sleep Coupon Deals

Nectar Sleep Coupon Deals

If you're having trouble getting a good night's sleep, chances are you've spent quite a few wee morning hours in search of the perfect dream mattress.

In this seemingly endless quest for high-quality memory foam mattresses, anxiety-reducing weighted blankets, an adjustable bed frame, and a heavenly cooling pillow, you've probably discovered the Nectar Sleep website and are now wondering:

  • Are there any Nectar Sleep coupon codes or Nectar offers for free shipping on my new mattress purchase?

  • Is there a good Nectar Sleep return policy if I don't like my Nectar purchase or a Nectar Sleep mattress protector to help keep my Nectar memory foam as good as new?

  • Is there a forever warranty if something happens to my Nectar mattress or other Nectar Sleep product?

Mainly, you just want to know how to save money on the best sleep of your life. Totally understandable. We've done a little digging for you, so read on to find the answers!

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What is Nectar?

Nectar Sleep is a bed-in-a-box mattress company founded in 2016. They started out with the Nectar memory foam mattress, but have since successfully branched out into mattress protectors, the Nectar memory foam pillow, the Nectar premier copper mattress, king-size mattresses, a full-size adjustable bed frame, a mattress foundation, free accessories with mattress purchases and even dog beds.

What are Nectar mattresses made of?

Nectar Sleep mattresses are made of 5 layers of awesome sleep-inducing goodness:

  1. An upper quilted layer made of Tencel, which is cushy and also allows the mattress to breathe so your body heat doesn't get trapped and create a sauna nightmare.

  2. A 1-inch layer of gel quilting foam to help add support, cushiness, and air circulation.

  3. A 3-inch layer of gel memory foam that helps with weight distribution and ensures all that stress on your pressure points was just a bad dream.

  4. A half-inch layer of flexible hi-core memory foam to help with weight distribution

  5. The base layer. This layer supports the entirety and also helps with air circulation throughout the memory foam mattress by drawing in air through special breathing channels.

What else does Nectar Sleep sell?

Nectar offers other sleep products as well like weighted blankets, mattress protectors, an adjustable frame, a cooling pillow, a premier copper mattress, a memory foam pillow, free accessories with mattress orders, and even dog beds.

Does Nectar give discounts?

Yes. Nectar Sleep has a wide range of Nectar Sleep discounts and Nectar Sleep promo codes like:

  • A Nectar Sleep 15% Off Military discount code

  • A Nectar Sleep 15% Off First Responders discount code

  • A Nectar Sleep 15% off Healthcare Professional discount code

  • Receive free shipping & returns on your mattress purchase

  • Black Friday sale & Cyber Monday sale discounts of up to 33% off sitewide on the Nectar website

  • A free 365-day sleep trial on Nectar mattresses

  • A Special Nectar Bundle that includes a sheet set, cooling pillow, and mattress protector

  • A Refer a Friend program that saves you $100 off your Nectar Sleep purchase for every successful referral

  • A Nectar Sleep promo that includes a Nectar Sleep discount code just for signing up for the Nectar Sleep email newsletter

  • Free accessories and a free gift on select mattresses

  • A forever warranty on the Nectar memory foam mattress

How do I find a Nectar Sleep coupon?

You can find Nectar coupon codes, Nectar promo codes and Nectar sleep discounts in a few different ways:

  • Browse Nectar Sleep coupon and Nectar coupon codes at CouponCause or other trusted coupon sites.

  • Get a Nectar Sleep offer with email signup that includes a Nectar coupon code for savings off your first Nectar Sleep mattress order.

  • Refer a Friend for $100 Off Your Nectar Order promo codes with every successful referral

  • Browse the Nectar website for any new Nectar coupons and Nectar promo codes or a limited-time-only Nectar discount code.

Are there Nectar Sleep coupons for free shipping?

No. But you do not need a Nectar coupon for free shipping because free shipping is currently included with all Nectar sleep orders.

Does Nectar Sleep offer financing?

Yes. Nectar Sleep currently offers financing through Affirm Financing or Katapult to help you get your mattress order as affordably as possible.

What is Nectar's warranty?

Nectar has a Forever Warranty that ensures you love your mattress for life. You can read the full details here but basically, your mattress is covered (for the original owner only) for any physical flaws or manufacturing defects that are immediately apparent or become apparent over time.

Who is Nectar good for?

Nectar Sleep is good for anyone who is in search of the perfect night's sleep. So...everyone.

Can I sleep on my Nectar bed right away?

No. When your mattress arrives it will be a super compressed version of its glorious cushy self so it is of the utmost importance that you let your mattress sit unpackaged for 24-72 hours or until it reaches 11 inches of cushioned delight. This way, you are getting the full benefit of your mattress and the structure will retain its integrity over time.

Why do you have to wait 24 hours to sleep on a Nectar mattress?

It is important to wait at least 24 hours before sleeping on a Nectar mattress in order to ensure it has fully expanded and is thus able to provide you with the full comfort and support you have paid for.

What are some other similar mattresses?

Similar mattresses to Nectar are Casper and Purple, but Nectar is by far the more affordable option and offers a 365-night sleep trial and a forever warranty whereas the others offer only a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Bottom line

So if you're looking for a great night's sleep at an affordable price, a Nectar mattress is the way to go. Plus, with free shipping, free accessories with your nectar mattress purchase, and free gift with your order you definitely get more than just a good night's sleep.

Also, thanks to Nectar Sleep coupons, Nectar coupon codes, free shipping, and a military discount, you can save even more money on your Nectar Sleep order.

Even without Nectar Sleep coupons, though, tons of happy customers are only too happy to tell you that a Nectar mattress is the sleep magic you've been looking for.