Watch PATH Help a Homeless Man Get Off the Street

Nowhere is homelessness a more serious issue than in California. An estimated 129,000 people are considered homeless in the state, by far the most in the country. Organizations like PATH, an acronym for People Assisting the Homeless, are doing what they can to help the situation.

PATH focuses on Housing First. This means their efforts are all centered around getting people off the streets and into permanent housing solutions. In over 30 years of operating, PATH has provided their services in over 140 cities around California. On their website, they state that since 2013, over 7,500 people have been moved into permanent housing as a result of their efforts.

Of course, efforts like these take extraordinary people. In the video featured below, you'll get to see a PATH outreach worker, Jessie, in action as he helps a PATH client, Mickey, get back on the right track. You can learn more about PATH and find out how you can get involved with this awesome organization by checking out our Cause Spotlight here!