What is Udemy?

So you're looking to get a leg up on life and have decided that online courses are the way to go. Enter: Udemy - an online education site that offers a wide range of free online courses with many instructors as well as online courses from $14.99 each to help you get started on getting ahead. There's even an Udemy mobile app to help you learn on the go!

Free demo and free courses aside (there's even a free Bharatanatyam course!), you're probably wondering how to save money on top online courses like certification courses, python courses, data science, web design, or even machine learning. Udemy promo codes, that's how. But do they exist, what kinds are there and where on earth can you find them?

Read on to find the answers and great savings tips.

Are there any Udemy coupons or coupon codes?

Yes. Udemy offers online deals and discount codes on both select online courses and across the entire Udemy website and Udemy app. Some of these Udemy deals include:

  • Loyalty program discounts and Udemy coupon codes add up to huge savings over time on every course you take.

  • An Udemy coupon code for New Customers that knocks down the price on eligible courses for their initial purchase after signing up for an Udemy account.

  • Deals for Visa cardholders for free Udemy courses and huge discounts and cashback on courses purchased.

  • Student and Military discounts on select courses across the website.

  • Website sales on courses start at 60% off top courses sitewide.

How do I get Udemy discounts?

So how do you get these Udemy discounts? Here are just a few of the ways you can score online coupons for top courses:

  • Sign up for a new account and get a Udemy discount code for new customers for savings on your first-course purchase.

  • Search for Udemy promo codes and Udemy coupon codes at top coupon sites like CouponCause and save big on your next course.

  • Search for online Udemy courses that offer Udemy coupons and referral links straight from the instructors (they're encouraged to offer Udemy coupon codes on their courses).

  • Contact Udemy customer service for any possible deals on bulk purchases or online courses starting at a particular time of year (seasonal course sales, anyone?).

  • Let Udemy verify your status as a student or member of the military for any available promo code on select Udemy courses.

  • Search the Udemy website for any free online courses Udemy offers in your area of interest.

  • Search the Udemy blog on their website for any seasonal course sales or Udemy coupons for certification courses starting at $14.99.

  • Download the Udemy app for a chance at popular Udemy codes for new customers.

Are Udemy free coupons real?

Yes. Udemy free coupons are a real thing and you can find them by signing up for an account on the website or app, searching coupon sites for Udemy coupons and popular Udemy promo codes, or searching for an Udemy offer or promo codes straight from a favorite instructor.

How frequent are Udemy discounts?

Udemy discounts are actually pretty infrequent but the good news is that they last for months at a time, meaning you have plenty of time to take advantage of these Udemy coupons for awesome savings on online courses as low as $12.99.

Do Udemy online courses expire?

Udemy online courses do not expire - they are there for life. The only caveat is that your account must be in good standing for you to maintain access to all your deep learning.

Does Udemy give student discounts?

Udemy does give student discounts but the Udemy coupon code you receive upon verification may vary in a price adjustment. Be sure to check the website for more details.

Does Udemy have a military discount?

Much like the student discounts, Udemy does offer verified military members a discount code that varies in how much that promo code will save you. Again, it's important to check the website for all the details.

Are Udemy courses legit?

Udemy is a legitimate company so in that sense, yes - Udemy courses are legit. However, even though the courses are taught by accredited instructors, the courses themselves do not count towards formal accreditation for continuing education units or coursework.

Can I put Udemy on my resume?

Of course! Udemy courses may not be accredited but they still look great to recruiters because they show you have certifications for necessary skills and the drive and ambition to improve your skill set on your own time.

Is a Udemy course worth it?

Absolutely. Udemy courses help you gain the skills you need to further your career and help you decide what you want to do in life and how to get there.

Their range of free courses lets you see which field of study might be best for you and the occasional coupon code and Udemy promo code will help you save big on the courses that matter most to you.

Lay the groundwork at Udemy and wow your instructors at school with your firm grasp of their course materials.

Bottom line

If your search for free courses brought you to Udemy, it's important to take full advantage of all the amazing certification courses they have to offer by running a quick search for an Udemy coupon code or promo code to help you save big on your future.

The price is absolutely affordable without an Udemy promo code, but it never hurts to let a coupon save you money on investing in your future.