Since its creation in 1877, the American Humane Association has worked tirelessly to ensure the welfare, wellness and wellbeing of children and animals. Additionally they are leading the way to understand human-animal interaction and its role in society. Animals do not have a voice so the American Humane Association acts on their behalf doing all that it can to protect them has chosen the American Humane Association as its Featured Cause for Summer 2014 as we believe in the protection of animals and children. The AHA is a top rated charitable organization by CharityWatch and we are excited to raise as much money to help this cause as we can. Remember every time you make a purchase through we donate a % to this organization.

If you feel like donating directly please follow the link below.

American Humane Association Donation Page

American Humane Association 2013 Compassion from americanhumane on Vimeo.
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