663 million people on the planet live without clean, safe drinking water. That's nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide or twice the population of the United States. charity: water is helping to change that by working through local partners to develop sustainable, community-owned water projects. Since 2006, charity: water has made amazing progress—completing over 29,000 water projects in 26 countries. More than 8 million people now have access to clean water through their work, and you can monitor their progress here. 

Even more, private donors cover operating costs so that 100% of your donation can go directly to clean water. For rural communities in remote areas, access to clean and safe drinking water can change everything. By providing access to clean drinking water, charity: water is helping to improve health, grow local economies, and give kids more time in school.

Interesting in getting involved? Learn more about charity: water and get involved here!