15 New Switch Games at the Top of Every Gamers' Holiday Wishlist

This holiday season, a new Nintendo Switch game could make an excellent gift if you have a gamer in your life who owns a Switch. There are PLENTY of titles worthy of gifting, both new and old. In this post, we'll highlight 15 brand new (and newish) titles that are certain to please the giftee! And you won't have to break the bank either: titles on this list go as low as $9.99.

We recommend finding out which games they are currently playing or what genres they prefer before purchasing. Games in this list are sorted in reverse of their Metascore ranking via Metacritic, which is listed in parenthesis.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gaming Guide

15. The Room - October 18 (75): If your giftee likes to fill out crosswords, solve puzzles or figure out riddles, The Room may be just the game for them. This new Switch game traps players in a room with a trail of secrets and puzzles to solve in order to get out and beat the game. This is a single player game. 

Price: $9.99 Digital only

14. LEGO DC Super-Villains - October 16 (75): The LEGO franchise is a favorite that spans many ages. In this rendition, players are tasked with becoming the best villain in the DC universe. Mayhem is the name of the game! This is a 2-player game.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

13. EVERSPACE: Stellar Edition - December 11 (76): Players can take to space dogfights in this action shooter. All gameplay takes place in space ships, making this game quick and thrilling. This is a single player game. 

Price: $39.99 Digital only

12. The Jackbox Party Pack 5 - October 17 (79): If you're not familiar with Jackbox games, we're willing to bet your giftee is! These are the ultimate group party games for the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to use their smartphones to access the 5 games. Up to 8 players can play Jackbox Party Pack 5 on Nintendo Switch.

Price: $29.99 Digital only

11. Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! - November 16 (79): The quest is simple: become the absolute best Pokemon trainer. Players will train and catch Pokemon and use them to battle other trainers in this instant classic for the Switch. The Pikachu version features a Pikachu in-game sidekick. This is a 2-player game.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

10. Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! - November 16 (81): Everything is the same in this game as the above, except that the player will have an Eevee sidekick as opposed to Pikachu. If you're uncertain which to get, choose this one! This is a 2-player game.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

9. ABZU - November 29 (83): Exploration is the theme of this Nintendo Switch game. Players use graceful swimming controls to explore the depths of the ocean. The visuals and sense of discovery are the focal points of this title. ABZU is a single player game.

Price: $19.99 Digital only

8. Transistor - November 1 (86): Fight your way through a futuristic city in this turn-based sci-fi RPG. Through dynamic storytelling and rich gameplay, Transistor tells a story sure to immerse any player that is a fan of RPGs. This is a single player game.

Price: $19.99 Digital only

7. Sid Meier's Civilization VI - November 16 (86): Assume the role of a historic world leader and impose your will in Sid Meier's Civilization VI for the Nintendo Switch. This classic world domination game is ideal for anyone who insists on playing Risk every time the family gets together. Up to 4 players can play.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ - September 28 (87): Every video game wishlist needs a good fighter on it. This year, Dragon Ball FighterZ tops the action/fighting genre. Players can go head-to-head or play online! Up to 6 players can play Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch.

Price: $59.99 Digital or physical

5. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - December 4 (87): Hack and slash your way through this colorful, visually-engaging side scroller that pits players on a quest to save the Monster World Kingdom. This game qualifies as an action/adventure platformer. It is a single player game.

Price: $39.99 Digital and physical

4. Diablo III: Eternal Collection- November 2 (87): Any long-time gamer is definitely going to be familiar with the name "Diablo". Gift this classic RPG to a mature gamer on your wishlist and you will have done a very good deed this year. This game is playable up to 4 players.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

3. Dead Cells - August 7 (90): Hardcore gamers love a challenge. This holiday season, Dead Cells is the Nintendo Switch game that will frustrate players until next holiday. You'll find no checkpoints in this action platformer, so you'll need plenty of patience. Dead Cells is a single player Switch game.

Price: $24.99 Digital or physical

2. Undertale - September 18 (93): Undertale may not pack much punch by way of astounding graphics, but this Indie hit comes to the Nintendo Switch with plenty of critical and casual acclaim. Cruise the underworld and encounter a variety of hilarious and intriguing characters and adventures. Gamers will have plenty of decisions to make, allowing players to have a unique experience every time. This is a single player game.

Price: $14.99 Digital and physical

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7 (93): The number 1 game on every Nintendo Switch owners wishlist this holiday season is going to be the new Super Smash Bros. game, out December 7. Play as 1 of dozens of popular video game icons like Mario, Zelda, Samus and more, in the ultimate battle royale. This game is playable for up to 8 players.

Price: $59.99 Digital and physical

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