5 Ways PrettyLitter Is Better for Cat Health than Traditional Litters

Ask any cat lover, and they’ll tell you all the reasons why they think cats make such great pets. Besides the fact that they’re cute, one of the most common statements is that cats are so easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, they don’t have to be taken for walks or let outside. But because they’re so easy to care for, it can be more difficult to recognize when something is wrong with their health. 

That’s why PrettyLitter has been such a helpful tool for cat owners, as it helps identify health problems before they manifest into something bigger. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here are five ways PrettyLitter is better for cat health than traditional kitty litters.

5 Reasons Cat Lovers Love Pretty Litter

1. PrettyLitter Makes Health Monitoring Easy

Far too often in veterinarian offices, cats are brought in because they’re experiencing medical symptoms that only manifest when their condition has advanced. Early detection in any pet is vital, but especially with cats. Unlike dogs, cats are more elusive by nature, and signs of fatigue and distress won’t be so obvious at first. With PrettyLitter, however, all you have to do is monitor their litter box for any color changes that may indicate a potential health concern, so you can address it as early as possible. 

PrettyLitter will turn one of four colors after your cat uses it:

  • Dark yellow/olive green indicates urine within a typical range.

  • Blue indicates high urinary pH, which can lead to bladder stones.

  • Orange indicates low urinary pH, which can indicate the presence of bladder stones or oxalate stones, and the need for removal.

  • Red indicates the visible presence of blood and potentially a more urgent case of bladder stones, a urinary tract infection or bladder inflammation.

2. PrettyLitter Helps Detect Diseases in Their Early Stages

Because analyzing the urine is one of the best ways to detect health conditions in their early stages, PrettyLitter offers a way to do so effortlessly. And early detection means the health condition can be addressed early on, before it manifests into something bigger, more difficult to treat and more painful for your cat. 

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3. PrettyLitter Is Cleaner

PrettyLitter is a non-clumping litter. Unlike clumping clay litter, non-clumping litter doesn’t create as much dust, which can irritate your cat’s lungs. Instead of clay, PrettyLitter is made from clean minerals that are 99.9% dust-free, making it safe for your cat and friendly for the entire household — especially if anyone has asthma. Plus, since the solid waste is all that needs to be removed, it only needs to be changed once a month. 

4. PrettyLitter Is Safe for Cats and Made from Minerals

PrettyLitter is made with silica gel, which is made by minerals that occur naturally in the environment. PrettyLitter does not expand if it is ingested by cats, unlike other litters. Plus, it is manufactured in one of the most trusted kitty-litter plants in the world, using the highest quality control standards. 

5. PrettyLitter Is Developed by Veterinarians

PrettyLitter partnered with Vet in Chief Dr. Geoff DeWire to ensure that the product meets specific safety and health protocols. And all veterinarians will agree that taking your pet to the vet to address an early-onset symptom is easier than addressing symptoms that occur in a disease’s advanced stages, when it may already be too late.