CC Brand Spotlight: Modell's Sporting Goods

For athletes, the next most important thing to training vigorously and regularly is having the right gear to compete at a high level. Introducing: Modell's Sporting Goods. Modell's is a leading retailer of sporting equipment and professional team gear. Men, women and children can all shop at Modell's and find the items they need to take their sport and/or fandom to the next level!

Here is the basic rundown about Modell's, including who they are, where they are, what they offer and of course, how you can save. 

More About Modell's Sporting Goods

Whether you're a football player in need of some fresh cleats or a basketball player who needs to keep the sweat of your eyes, Modell's Sporting Goods has products that will help you compete. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer, golf, MMA, lacrosse, outdoor sports and more. Your favorite sport is always in-season at Modell's!

Modell's is in fact the United States oldest sporting goods retailer that is family owned and operated. The first Modell's was in New York City, established in the year 1889 by Morris A. Modell. Today, Modell's has over 150 locations across the US, in states New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Modell's vast online marketplace is a great place to start for sporting equipment or professional gear to rep your favorite sports team or individual player. You can also visit Modell's in-person to try before you buy! While not every state has a Modell's, there are locations scattered throughout the United States that customers can visit.

Additionally, for those lucky enough to live near a Modell's, returns are made easier than ever. Online orders can be efficiently returned at Modell's in-person. This makes exchanges super easy too! e

Do you have more questions about Modell's? Click here for our Modell's FAQ infographic.

Modell's Coupons and Ways to Save

It's possible to get the gear you need and love for a reduced cost when shopping with Modell's coupons. Modell's Sporting Goods regularly features promotions and deals that can help drive down costs. At the time of this writing, Coupon Cause has several Modell's promo codes available for use. Here are the deals you should be looking for:

  • 20% OFF regularly price items
  • 10% OFF $50 order
  • $5 OFF $15 order
  • Free Shipping on any order $80+

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to buy sporting goods with the help of a money-saving coupon. For the latest coupons and deals from Modell's, all you need to do is check back in to!

Connect with Modell's Sporting Goods

Visit a Modell's Sporting Goods location in person or, stay at home and connect with Modell's online! Outside of the Modell's website, you can connect with Modell's on social media. Stay up-to-date on Modell's deals, coupons, offerings and new products by following Modell's on social media. Currently, they can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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