C.C. Cause Spotlight: LA Food Bank

When the basic necessities of life are not met, people suffer. Food is one of those basic life needs that in many metropolitan areas, citizens are left wanting. In Los Angeles County alone, it is estimated that 1.4 million people struggle with food insecurity. That means that 1 in 7 people in LA County don't know where their next meal is coming from.

Enter the Los Angeles Food Bank. Since 1973, the Los Angeles Food Bank has been serving the less fortunate around the Los Angeles County get the food they need to survive. They estimate that, in the 40+ years since the start of the LA Food Bank, more than 1 billion pounds of food have been distributed to people in need!

Who the Los Angeles Food Bank Helps

The LA Food Bank helps a wide range of people around the Los Angeles community. They help the elderly get the meals they may not be able to afford without work. They also help families who may have members with jobs, but still struggle to put food on the table. 

Additionally, the LA Food Bank helps children in the county who are born into poverty and can really do nothing about it. Children make up 24% of the people the Los Angeles Food Bank helps.

On a monthly basis, 300,000 people benefit from the attention of the Los Angeles Food Bank and the 30,000+ annual LA Food Bank volunteers and their many honorable donees. In 2016 alone, the Los Angeles Food bank estimates that 55 million meals were distributed to people in need and of that food, 20% was fresh produce.

The LA Food Bank is also highly involved in legislation and policy intended to reduce food insecurity in the community and are a loud administrative voice for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps) and other various government programs aimed at ending hunger in the community.

How to Get Involved with the Los Angeles Food Bank

Getting involved with the Los Angeles Food Bank is easy and can be done on your own availability. They love volunteers and have regular opportunities to donate your time. 

LA Food Bank Volunteers

Also, the LA Food bank always accepts donations. $1 provides 4 meals and 97% of the donations raised by LA Food Bank go directly back into their programs.

Here are a few links to start getting involved with the LA Food Bank:

Los Angeles Food Bank FAQs

Who does the LA Food Bank help?
They help over 300,000 people a month, from young children to the elderly.

Where is LA Food Bank headquartered?
The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is headquartered at 1734 East 41st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058.

Does the LA Food Bank have a phone number?
Yes. You can call the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank at (323) 234-3030 or fill out a form online here.

Is the LA Food Bank nonprofit?
Yes, the LA Food Bank is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization. Out of all revenue raised by the Los Angeles Food Bank, 97% of the money goes back directly into their programs.

Does the LA Food Bank take expired food?
No, the LA Food Bank does not take expired food but will accept non-perishable items. Learn more about donating food here.

How does the LA Food Bank work?
The LA Food Bank distributes meals to individuals and families who qualify for the program. They have over 600 partnering agencies that help distribute food around LA County.

Does the LA Food Bank take baby formula?
Baby formula is considered a perishable item so the LA Food Bank does not take baby formula donations.