Celebrating Mothers on Mother’s Day

Every year, mothers nationwide are greeted by breakfast in bed, misshapen coasters, hand print photos, and handmade cards that test the theory that you can never have too much glitter. While those Mothers treasure every bite of burned toast and the glittery message they are given, they sometimes wish they could receive something more meaningful with just a little more thought behind it. 

Instead of waiting for the last minute to grab whatever catches your eye first, give the Moms in your life a gift that shows them how much she is loved and appreciated and helps them move along their spiritual path. Whether she is a new mom adapting to life with a new person and no sleep or facing an empty nest and a strangely quiet house, these gifts will be greatly appreciated and useful beyond Mother’s Day. 

#1. The Made to be Grateful and Free Mug

A mug is a safe and straightforward gift that can be used in various ways. Of course, it is perfect for that morning coffee, tea, or other beverage. Still, its lovely design and uplifting message make it ideal for different uses, from holding pens on a desk to makeup brushes on a dressing table. It can also keep freshly picked flowers or act as a planter to grow tiny seedlings. 

Made of white ceramic with a lovely purple border, the message “Made to be Grateful and Free” is also printed on both sides in purple. The mug holds 16 ounces of hot or cold liquids and is safe to be used in the dishwasher or microwave. 

#2. The Devotional Coloring Book “Set Your Mind on Things Above”

Adult coloring books and apps continue to be a significant stress-relieving hobby. Although they exploded in popularity recently, the first coloring book meant for adults was released in the early 1960s. Their popularity has waxed and waned over the years, with many adults returning to coloring books and apps in huge numbers. 

Part coloring book and part devotional guide have 75 beautiful pages to color, each accompanied by an uplifting scripture and a guiding passage. Read the words, absorb their meaning, reflect on them as you color, and bring life to the highly detailed pictures. 

The hardcover book has a spiral binding so that it will lay flat while you work. The title page has a space for names and the date it was given with a border that can be colored as desired. 

#3. The Seven-Minute Morning Journal, Inspiration for Your Quiet Time with God

For many mothers, two things are true. First, they often wish they could remember things their children had said or how they felt during those hectic first years. Second, many spend every minute of their day chasing after children, errands, and the non-stop bustle of modern life from the minute their alarm blares until they crash into their beds, grateful for their lives but utterly exhausted. Moms must be reminded that they need those few quiet moments for themselves because a well-cared-for caregiver is better. Here is the perfect way to remind her to take those moments herself. 

Bound in elegant rose gold with bronze print, the cover is lovely enough to be given a place of honor on a bedside table to easily access before rising for the day. Each chapter or section begins with a Bible verse. A short reading helps explore the meaning of the verse more deeply by providing examples and life lessons. It ends with two questions that urge you to reflect on what you have read and how it applies to your life. Questions may ask you to remember something from your past or encourage you to set goals for your future. 

Making this a daily part of your routine gives you a sense of calm and purpose and will help you meet your challenges with a more spiritual resolve. 

#4. Prayers to Share, 100 Pass-Along Notes to Encourage Moms

Small enough to fit in a purse, gym bag, or diaper bag, this small flip-style notepad includes pages with kind words, a short Bible verse, a prayer on one side, and a blank space for your message on the other. The inside cover includes several ways to share the easy-to-tear notes, including hand delivering with flowers (or other gifts) and more. Please choose your favorite, write a brief letter on the back, include your contact information, and bring it along with a few prepped meals for a new mother. Most mothers will be happy to be reminded that no matter what, they are not alone in their struggles. 

#5. You Make a Difference, 50 Devos for Moms

This tiny book can be tucked into a purse or bag to be read whenever you are unexpectedly stuck somewhere, especially if you need a way to retain or regain your grace. The pretty cover is white with gold foil flowers and butterflies to boost your mood immediately. You will find short passages and stories centered around a Bible verse and ending with a prayer to help seal the message you were just given. Additional pink pages give quick and direct messages for those moments when you have only the briefest time before you are plunged right back into your day. A lovely pink ribbon bookmark is included to pick up where you left off easily. 

#6 The “Hey Momma” greeting card bundle with envelopes

Greeting cards can be sent to your favorite moms and moms-to-be with gift cards, spa certificates, and even favorite recipes. (Tuck in one of the prayers to share notes for added love!) Greeting cards can also be given as a gift. This bundle of 8 cards can be provided for Mother’s Day, thinking of you, birthdays, and other occasions. Each card features the art of graphic designer Alissa Hipp, a bit of scripture, and plenty of space for your message and hugs and kisses. You get 1 of each of the designs. Some designs feature glittery accents, while others have embossed or textured accents. All cards come in a gray envelope. 

Every mother deserves something that is just for her on this special day. Please give her a gift that lets her know how much you care and appreciate her and remind her to take those quiet moments for herself whenever they present themselves. While choosing your gift, buy a second set of greeting cards to keep on hand for yourself. You never know when you will need to send a bit of love to someone.