HelloFresh Veggie Plan Review - Tostadas, Risotto and More!

The HelloFresh meal delivery service has long been one of my favorites. Granted, I’ve only tried a few, but the meals from HelloFresh tend to have a little more “flare” in my humble opinion. For as much as I love HelloFresh though, I had always remained pretty skeptical about the HelloFresh veggie plan.

At least until now.

Here is my review of the recent HelloFresh veggie plan which included Cheesy Corn Tostadas, Caramelized Shallot Risotto and Mediterranean Baked Veggies. Let’s get into it!

Reviewing the HelloFresh Veggie Plan

The HelloFresh veggie plan turned out to be a great change of pace. The recipes were hearty and delicious, even though they obviously included no meat. I’d highly recommend the veggie plan for vegetarians but it should be noted for our vegans that some of the recipes include cheese and butter.

As noted above, the recipes I received were Cheesy Corn Tostadas, Caramelized Shallot Risotto and Mediterranean Baked Veggies. Here’s my review for each of the meals HelloFresh sent!

Cheesy Corn Tostadas

My favorite dish from the HelloFresh veggie plan I received was definitely the Cheesy Corn Tostadas. My girlfriend and I actually made this dish for lunch one day and it was perfect in the mid-afternoon since it’s the lightest of the 3 HelloFresh meals we received. 

The Cheesy Corn Tostadas is a pretty simple recipe and make, including jalapeños, shallots, black beans and of course, cheese and corn. This was the first HelloFresh veggie meal we ate and it really surprised me how good it was. Not only were the Cheesy Corn Tostadas my favorite meal of the veggie plan we received, but they easily rank in my favorite HelloFresh meals ever. Throw a couple Coronas on ice and you have yourself a little fiesta!

Mediterranean Baked Veggies - Hall of Fame

The Mediterranean Baked Veggies were my second favorite from the selection of veggie meals I received from HelloFresh. Almonds, feta and couscous make this dish extremely unique and satisfying. This is definitely a heavier dish than the aforementioned Cheesy Corn Tostadas, making for a great dinner that will leave you feeling comfortably full for a night of relaxing.

This dish is seriously full of explosive flavor. From the fresh feta to the baked and seasoned asparagus with tomatoes, this HelloFresh meal is the real deal. I’ll definitely be making the asparagus and tomatoes as a side dish in the future and my culinary world has been opened wider with the introduction of couscous. 

Caramelized Shallot Risotto

Let me preface this final HelloFresh review by admitting that I do not like risotto. Even though I don’t like risotto, my girlfriend and co-eater was completely blown away by this one. The risotto dish was her favorite of all 3!

Very rich and flavorful already, we added some sun dried tomatoes to the dish for added taste. 

Overall Veggie Plan from HelloFresh Review

While I was originally skeptical of what the HelloFresh veggie plans would taste like, I admit that I am extremely surprised. The meals were flavorful and filling, and were as exciting to eat as any of the meat-featuring dishes I had eaten in the past. My one and only suggestion for improving the veggie plan is to offer more options! Outside of a limited selection pool, the HelloFresh veggie plan receives my highest recommendation.

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