Home Decor That Does More

The hustle and bustle of the holidays have ended, and you might find yourself facing two thoughts. One, you would like to update your home’s decor for a fresh and bright new look, and two, you would like to make better use of the space available. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find cute items that are useful as well. When can you get cute, useful items with uplifting messages? That might just be perfection. 

Just in time for Spring and the promise of warm weather and bright, sunny days, here are 6 items that are lovely, useful, and a gentle reminder that faith is all around you, ready to be found or to find you. Each item can be used in your home in multiple ways. They make lovely, thoughtful gifts for many occasions, from bridal showers to birthdays or Mother’s Day.

1. The Made to be Grateful and Free Mug

This 14-ounce mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and holds the perfect cup of tea, coffee, or your favorite soup. Off-white with a purple stripe at the bottom, the mug will be the ideal complement to your mug tree or on your desk. Its message “Made to be grateful + free” is printed in a deep purple using multiple fonts for a fresh look. 

For gift giving: 

The great thing about a mug is its ability to use it as the base for many gifts. Sure, you can give the mug itself, but when you add teas, coffee, or cocoa packets with a small candy gift, you provide an upgraded gift that is extra special. You could also roll a pretty dish towel or two to fit inside of the mug to give a lovely welcome to the neighborhood or a housewarming gift. 

If you were taught never to go to a party or gather empty-handed, place some items and maybe a gift card or a kind note in the mug so your hostess can relax after the party ends. 

When a mug is more than a mug: 

Because it is sturdy, this mug can go beyond serving beverages or soups. It can be a lovely holder for makeup brushes and other cosmetic needs on your vanity or dressing table. It can be used to hold pens and pencils on your desk at home or in the office. You can use it to store jewelry in your kitchen or bathroom sink. 

Did you know you can use a mug to start a small plant or cutting? Add some small pebbles or packing peanuts to the bottom for drainage, add your potting soil and your plant, and then transfer when your green friend gets too big for the space. 

2. Condiment Jar

Made of ceramic with a wooden lid, this lovely little condiment jar can hold everything from Grandma’s homemade jam to your blend of hot sauce and everything in between. A ceramic spoon is included to help you scoop out your favorite dips, spices, and jellies easily, or you can use the jar to hold packets of sauces and condiments in one convenient place. 

White with black lettering, this jar can fit into nearly any decor from farmhouse to retro to shabby chic. The message “How sweet your words taste to me” (Psalm 119:103) reminds us to keep our words to one another as sweet as possible because, remember, you never know which words you will one day have to eat. 

Below the written message, you will find an old-fashioned watering can filled with blooms to instill a sense of peace and calm of nature. 

For gift giving: 

It is a sweet and simple jar that would be perfect for a young couple’s first home together, a housewarming gift, or a birthday gift for a best friend (especially when filled with your bestie’s favorite salsa and a bag of blue corn tortilla chips). Nestle the jar into a basket filled with jams, jellies, and sauces, including a mix of old favorites and some new taste sensations to explore. 

Make it more than a jar: 

You can also use the pot to hold freshly made butter. For added fun, Google how to make butter using a Mason jar and let your kids burn off some energy, learn about cooking and help out in the kitchen. It is perfect for stashing small items and can be used on a countertop or at the table. 

You can use this condiment jar to hide cash, tiny jewels or other precious items. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the jar, put your things in, cover it with the cardboard, and then layer in packaged condiments and sauces. 

Note: While this jar is sturdy, it is meant to be hand washed only and is not microwave safe. 

3. Framed Art, Perfect Peace

About the size of an 8x10 photo frame, this artwork is small enough to fit nearly anywhere but attractive enough to stand out. Featuring a wooden frame, the background is a deep, calming blue with pink flowers and lighter blue leaves in the corners. Its message, “The one place to find perfect peace is in the One who is perfect peace,” is in white. A keyhole-style hanger is available on the back, or you can use the easel to stand it on a table or shelf. Because of the wooden frame, this piece can stand on its own in a smaller space. 

For gift giving: 

Sometimes giving art can be tricky because you never know if it will fit in with the existing decor because of its size or color. Perfect Peace is just neutral enough to work with most existing colors and fit into virtually any room in the house. 

Beyond art: 

The frame has a space that can be used to hold small items for display. A small, battery-operated votive candle can be placed to illuminate the warm and loving message. (Please do not use regular candles in this way for safety.) You can also use the adhesive hooks on the bottom of the frame to hang car keys and other items near a door so that you can read these words and keep your sense of Peace as you set out for another day. 

Did you know you can use this framed artwork as a small tray? If you plan to use it as a tray for food or beverages, use a gentle sealant or a protective piece of transparent film not to damage the surface. Carried flat, you can place items that you are taking from room to room in the recessed frame. 

4. Framed Art, great is His faithfulness

Slightly bigger at 8x15, this very simple piece of art is neutral enough to be elegant but sweet enough to be perfect in a child’s nursery. It features a simple rainbow-like design in shades of pink and gold with the words” great is His faithfulness” printed below. 

Like the Perfect Peace artwork, there is a wooden frame with a slightly recessed style, and it is ready to hang on any wall of your home. 

For gift giving: 

As mentioned, this would be a lovely baby shower gift, but it could also be perfect for graduation, a wedding gift, a retirement gift, or a get-well present for a dear friend. 

Beyond artwork: 

Small items can be placed at the bottom for display. Like the smaller item, you can hang this framed artwork or stand it on its frame. For example, you can add wee animals if it is being placed in a baby’s nursery. You could also use small blocks to spell the child’s name to personalize it. 

Did you know that you can use this artwork as a puzzle tray? Because of the slightly recessed frame, you can put jigsaw puzzles together without the fear of losing pieces as you go. 

5. Clip Frame

Sometimes the most charming additions to our homes are the simplest. Take a square block of wood with a simple clip attached to it and then add a favorite picture, and you have a frame that fits into every decor perfectly. Meant to stand on its own on a table or shelf; you can also add your hanging hardware to the back if you would like to place it on a wall. There is space for a picture up to 4x6. A small lip at the bottom of this frame can hold small objects if you wish. 

Along the bottom is the message “So grateful for you” (Philippians 1:7). 

For gift giving: 

Attach a photo of your child or a bit of their artwork and send it to a grandparent. It is also a great thank-you gift for someone who has done something helpful or kind for you in recent days. 

Beyond picture frame: 

Use the frame to hold recipe cards while cooking to keep them from getting messy. You can add your salt and pepper shakers or other spices to the lip at the bottom and keep this frame in your kitchen all of the time. 

6. God Can Pour on the Blessings Pitcher

A lovely pitcher can be so many things in the kitchen. It can serve lemonade on a warm day, cold milk for breakfast before school, a cheerful sangria during book club, or even some sassy margaritas when the girls all get together to gab and giggle. Gorgeous in off-white ceramic, and the handle, and trim are gray. One side features “God Can Pour on the Blessings,” also in gray, while the other is plain. 

The pitcher holds about 56 ounces and is dishwasher safe. 

For gift giving: 

A great gift idea for weddings or housewarmings is to fill the pitcher with various kitchen tools or a coordinated dish towel set. 

Beyond a pitcher: 

Many people would prefer not to use a pitcher for beverages, especially if they still have young children at home. It would also look right at home on the counter to hold kitchen tools. Add silk or real-cut flowers to add a pop of color to your decor. Red flowers look especially striking with the gray and white of this item. 

Did you know that this pitcher coordinates very well with the condiment jar? They make a charming duo no matter how you choose to use them. 

Nearly all of the items on this list will work with one another as coordinated decor, or you can spread them throughout your home for eye-catching and uplifting touches in every room. DaySpring makes it easy to find charming, faith-based decorative items that can be used as more than just another pretty trinket.