How is Working to Diversify Computer Sciences for Black History Month (and Beyond)

In honor of Black History Month, is doubling down on their effort to change the face of computer science. The educational platform recognizes the need for more diversity in the field. Few black students study computer science while in high school or higher education. For this reason, is working to raise awareness and inspire black students to explore computer science and coding. and Black History Month

What is is an educational non-profit that works to widen access to computer science education, especially to students in underrepresented groups. 

The non-profit’s goal is to make computer science a part of every student’s K-12 education. The organization offers the resources needed to make computer science education more accessible to students of all backgrounds in all communities. Thanks to the organization’s hard work, more and more schools throughout the United States have been able to add computer science to their curriculum. In fact, according to, 40% of all students in the US have an account on their website.

In addition to providing students in the United States with computer science education, equips computer science teachers with the tools they need to successfully teach their students, with around 1 million teachers using The organization hopes to continue to grow by inspiring and teaching more students. also has a global impact with courses available in over 180 countries and over 67 languages. 

What is Doing for Black History Month? is using Black History Month as a way to raise awareness of the lack of diversity in computer science. The organization also hopes to show black students that they belong in computer science. 

One way that has been working to help black students gain more comfort and footing in the realm of computer science is by partnering with well-known people of color who are involved with the initiative and want to spread the word about computer science. hopes that people like Stephen Curry, Serena Williams and Chris Bosh will inspire others to pursue opportunities to learn about computer science. 

On social media, is sharing information about the disparity in computer science opportunities. The organization is encouraging others to share information via social media to continue to raise awareness. hopes that more people will get involved and make a difference so everyone can have access to computer science education. 

Throughout 2021, will be hosting panels on computer science featuring Black leaders. The goal is to talk about Black history beyond the month of February. The first panel is scheduled for Friday, February 26 at 11 AM-12 PM PST. The panel will discuss the importance of inviting Black students and teachers to get involved in computer science. You can register for the panel here. also has a designated black voices fund that you may donate to. Throughout the month, will be sharing information about black pioneers in computer science and statistics on black students and computer science. 

How to Get Involved with

If you want to make a difference and support the important work that is doing, there are a number of ways to help. 

You can donate to promises that for each dollar donated, one child will have the opportunity to learn how to code. Alternatively, you may designate as your Amazon Smile charity. A percentage of every purchase you make through Amazon will be donated to at no additional cost to you. 

You can also do your part to spread the word. You can share’s social media posts so that more people find out about their mission. Additionally, you can ask schools near you to begin teaching computer science courses with the help of Below are the partners involved in this initiative from for Black History Month.