Teachers in the United States bear much of the burden when it comes to stocking classrooms with school supplies. In fact, according to AdoptAClassroom.org, 96% of teachers actually purchase basic school supplies for their classrooms, with the average teacher spending $745 out of pocket each year for those supplies. This number has gone up 23% since 2015! Even more of the burden falls on teachers in impoverished regions, with 50.2% of students in US public schools living in poverty.

AdoptAClassroom.org is an online platform that teachers can use to raise money from generous supporters and make purchases of the school supplies they need. Teachers simply set up a profile page and once published, they can begin to receive funds from a variety of places. Once their funding is received, teachers use that money to purchase school supplies right on AdoptAClassroom.org. Those who donate will receive a list of everything the teacher bought. Finally, the supplies are shipped directly to the teacher at the school where they work!

If you'd like to learn more about AdoptAClassroom.org or make a donation, visit the AdoptAClassroom.org website. Or, learn about our donation to AdoptAClassroom.org for Giving Tuesday.