14 Moores FAQs From Our Experts

Shop and rent high-quality men’s clothing at Moores. Offering an outstanding selection of superior and top-quality men’s apparel, Moores has been dressing men for 30 years. Known for their very day low prices, they have since developed a reputation for their well-made and well-priced selection. Moores offers tuxedos and suit rentals for any occasion, as well as custom suits, and is your reliable destination if you want to be well-dressed without the usual hefty price tag.

What sets Moores apart?

Moores has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has an industry leading selection. As a men’s style authority, they have a wide array of designer looks along with numerous options for accessories and colors. With their expertly crafted pieces, you feel confident that you will look your best. You can easily get style advice from the style experts in their 120 locations to capture the right look for you.

How do I rent with Moores?

Renting is easy. Just select a pre-styled package and have it personalized with your choice of accessories. Visit a store to get measured and in a day or two, your tux or suit should be ready for pick up and then have it returned to any one of the 120 Moores locations afterwards.

Does Moores offer custom suits?

Yes. Regardless of your style, fit or size, Moores can create a custom suit that is perfect for you. Just visit any Moores store to speak with an expert stylist. You’ll then choose from hundreds of styling options and fabrics. At the final fitting, you can then discuss any finishing touches you want to add to the suit. Here are Moores’ exclusive brands for their custom suit offering.

Moores Custom Suit Exclusive Brands

Brand Costs Delivery Time
Awearness Kenneth Cole Suits Starts at $795 3-4 Weeks
Awearness Kenneth Cole Dress Shirts Starts at $125 2-3 Weeks
Joseph Abboud Custom Suits Starts at $995 3-4 Weeks
Joseph Abboud Custom Dress Shirts Starts at $125 2-3 Weeks
JOE Joseph Abboud Suits Starts at $495 3-4 Weeks

What is Moores’ damage and handling fee for?

The Damage and Handling fee is a $10 mandatory and non-refundable fee that is automatically charged to a rental. This covers the cost associated with quality control, processing, and inspection of the rental as well as the minor repairs involved.

Does Moores charge a fee for late returns?

Yes. Rentals that are not returned on the scheduled return date will be charged a late return fee of $20 per day.

Does Moores charge extra for rush orders?

A $20 per order fee is charged for rush orders. This applies for wedding orders that are committed less than 14 days before an event or for individual orders that are committed less than 7 days before an event.

What is Moores’ return and exchange policy?

If you are not happy with your Moores purchase, you have 90 days from your date of purchase to have the item returned or exchanged. Note that returns made beyond the 90-day period will only be eligible for an in-store credit. Exchanges and returns require the original receipt. For exchanges and returns on worn or altered clothing, the decision will be at the discretion of the store management. Click here to learn more.

What is Moores’ refund policy?

Refunds will be made to the customer’s original mode of payment. Refunds over $50 for non-debit or credit card purchases will be paid via check and checks will usually be issued within 10 business days.

Does Moores have a price list I can refer to?

Yes. Click here to see the complete Moores price list.

Does Moores’ rental prices already include taxes?

No. Applicable taxes are not included in the prices. The location of your rental pick up will determine how much the taxes are going to be.

Does Moores charge a fee for lost items?

Yes. A replacement cost per item that is lost or is damaged beyond repair will be charged. Click here for the complete list of replacement fees Moores charges for lost or damaged beyond repair items.

Does Moores charge a fee for cancelations and no-shows?

Yes. A $40 cancelation fee per group is charged for wedding groups and $20 per order is charged for individuals. The fee becomes non-refundable for wedding groups and individuals that cancel less than 14 days before the event.

Does Moores have a store locator?

Yes. Click here to locate the closest Moores store from where you are.

How do I get in touch with Moores customer service?

To get in touch with Moores customer service, call 1 (866) 231-6077. You may also send them an email to customer@mooresclothing.com.