12 Sling TV FAQs From Our Experts

Enjoy the freedom and the flexibility of watching your favorite channels and programs with Sling TV. Offering a large catalog of streaming services at competitively lower prices, Sling TV makes it an easy decision to cut the cable cord and to start enjoying the slinging lifestyle. Sling TV offers a happy medium for people that want to keep up with their favorite shows. This service lets you gain access to a select number of channels in exchange for a low monthly fee. Whether you want more channels or only certain ones with your subscription, with Sling TV, you have the power to choose.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a new way to enjoy live television. It is a TV service that is app-based, making it possible for you to enjoy your favorite live TV shows by streaming them over the internet. It doesn’t matter where you are either. You can watch live from your tablet, phone, or laptop. You can even have your subscription customized to ensure that the service you get is appropriate for your needs. So, there is no need for you to pay for something that you’re not even watching. Sling TV simplifies your TV watching experience.

How do I get started with Sling TV?

Before signing up for Sling TV, make sure you have access to high-speed internet and have a Sling TV supported device. If you do not have one, you can obtain one through the prepaid service here. You’ll then need to sign up for an account and provide your credit or debit card along with a valid email address. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you’re all set to start watching. Click here for more information.

What channels are available at Sling TV?

Sling TV has a wide variety of channels you can choose from. Click here to see a complete list of channels available in your location.

What payment methods does Sling TV accept?

Here are the payment methods accepted at Sling TV.

How will I be billed for Sling TV?

Sling TV customers are billed on a monthly basis, except when they have signed up for a prepaid service. You’ll be billed in advance and when you’ll be charged is based on the day of the month you signed up for Sling TV. Automatic payment will reoccur every 30 days. More details can be found here.

Can I pause my Sling TV subscription?

Yes. If you are on a monthly subscription, it is now possible to have your billing date changed to your preferred one. Just contact customer service for proper assistance. Note, however, that this option is not available for customers who are currently signed up for a promotion such as a device bundle or an annual plan, among other exceptions.

What plans does Sling TV offers?

Here are the plans available at Sling TV.

Sling TV Plans

Sling Plan Monthly Costs Available Channels
Sling Orange $15 30+ Channels
Sling Blue $15 45+ Channels
Sling Orange & Blue $25 55+ Channels

Can I cancel my Sling TV subscription?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription anytime. Just log in to your account and follow the instruction provided here. If you’re currently on a free trial, the cancelation will take effect immediately. For paid subscribers, however, cancelation will take effect when the current billing cycle ends. The same is true for prepaid subscribers too. This means that you will still have service until then.

Can I pause my Sling TV subscription?

Yes. If you have to travel, move somewhere, or even just take a break from Sling TV, pausing your subscription is now an option. To do this, just log in to your sling account and select Cancel Subscription. There should be an option to let you pause subscription and then select from one to three month. Note that you will lose you DVR Recordings if you will pause the subscription for them than a month. Click here to learn more.

Does Sling TV let you record shows?

Yes. You can decide when you’ll watch a favorite show by recording it through the Cloud DVR functionality. Consumers can now add Cloud DVR “First Look” at $5/month to their Sling TV subscription to gain access to Cloud DVR storage of 50 hours. To learn more about how Cloud DVR works, click here.

What devices currently support the Sling TV app?

Currently, the Sling TV app is available through a number of platforms. This includes computers, streaming devices, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, mobile devices and even more. To find out if your device is compatible with the app, check out the minimum system requirements listed here.

How do I contact Sling TV customer service?

You can get in touch with Sling TV customer service here.