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Includes a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Ongoing, we’ll deliver four replacement cartridges for $9, when you need them.

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12 Billie FAQs From Our Experts

Billie is a female-first brand focused on offering shave and body products and premium quality razors for women at a fair price. Aiming to deliver everyday TLC from head to toe, they are known for their award-winning shaving supplies and quality body care products celebrating the various needs of women. Having seen how shaving companies have always focused their products at men, Billie offers razors built for a better shaving experience specifically for women and are committed to creating products that steer clear from bad additives and toxins. They utilize healthy, premium ingredients at the most competitive price tags. Offering a shaving easily customized shaving plan with free shipping, Billie provides women the convenience of getting premium shaving supplies delivered straight to their doors and at their preferred frequency.

What is the Billie shave plan?

The Billie shave plan is the easiest and most convenient way of ensuring you’ll always have fresh and sharp blades when you need them. Designed to have your shaving supplies delivered straight to your door, the plan includes a Billie starter kit that comes with a handle and the magnetic holder, along with two 5-blade cartridges. You then decide how often you want to get a shipment and 5-blade cartridges will be sent to you regularly, free of shipping charges.

What sets Billie apart?

Billie is a female-focused brand. Having seen the considerable lack of affordable shaving products aimed for the unique needs of the female anatomy, Billie aims to offer nothing but the best everyday TLC through award-winning razors and shaving supplies and premium-quality body products. Through the Billie shave plan, they provide women the convenience of never running out of sharp, fresh blades whenever they need them and at a fair price. There is free shipping for all razor subscriptions or orders that are over $15.

What are the payment methods accepted at Billie?

Here are the accepted payment methods at Billie.

Accepted Payment Methods at Billie

How much does Billie charge for shipping?

Billie offers free shipping for all razor subscriptions. Free shipping is also offered for orders over $15.

Shipping Costs for Billie

Order Type Shipping Costs
Razor Subscriptions Free
Orders over $15 Free
Orders below $15 $4

Does Billie ship to Canada?

As of the moment, international shipping is not yet available. Currently, Billie ships to all 50 US states including P.O. Box addresses.

How long will it take for my Billie order to arrive?

Generally, upon sign up, Billie Starter Kits are given immediate processing. First shipment can be expected within 4-7 business days and can be tracked on the “Account Page”. Recurrent shipments will depend on such factors as the date you originally signed up and how often you wish to get a delivery. Recurring shipments can also be expected to get to you within 4-7 business days from the actual shipment date.

Billie Delivery Schedule

Shipment Type Delivery Time
Starter Kit 4-7 Business Days from Sign-up
Recurring Shipment 4-7 Business Days from Shipment Date

What is Billie’s return policy?

If you have any issue with any product you received, you can get in touch with Billie at 1 (888) 820-7422 to have the problem sorted. You may also email them at

Can I get a Billie Starter Kit without getting a shave plan?

The Billie Starter Kits are only available with a Billie Plan. At $9 for every shipment and with no shipping charges, you can get the convenience of always having sharp and fresh blades delivered right at your doorstep. You have total control on how many times you want to receive a shipment and you can customize its contents too. Also, Billie understands that your needs are likely to change along the way so, they have made the option to modify, skip, or cancel your plan something that can be done any time.

What is the Billie Pink Tax Rebate?

The Pink Tax Rebate is the referral program Billie offers. This is where they give rewards to customers that get their friends to sign up with Billie through their email. Coupon credits are awarded to every successful email sign up which can then be spent on their next Billie purchase. Referrals do not even need to make a purchase. All that’s required is for them to sign up.

How can I modify my Billie shave plan?

If you want to modify your plan, adjusting, skipping, and canceling can be done anytime on the “Account Page”. If you need help getting this done, you can call 1 (888) 820-7422 or email so somebody can help sort things out for you.

Are Billie products suitable for all skin types?

Yes. All Billie care products work well for all skin types. Free from synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and toxins, they are non-irritating. The blades have also been dermatologically tested to ensure customer safety.

How can I reach Billie customer service?

You can email at or call 1 (800) 820-7422 everyday from 10:00AM to 5:30PM (EST) to reach Billie customer service.