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11 Box FAQs From Our Experts

Box is a cloud based company that allows businesses to share files, documents and other media across the country and across the world. Started in 2005, Box has grown to service over 95,000 companies now, including the majority of the Fortune 500. In addition, was formed to act as the charitable arm of the company, covering many different social issues.

What is Box?

Box was created to allow businesses to share and store file via the cloud. Small to large businesses can have documents signed, see progress in real time and more based on the plan that they are using.

What are the products and services that are offered by Box?

These are the products available for individuals and teams from Box.

Box Products for Individuals and Teams

How are Box plans priced?

Pricing will vary not only by the service that you opt for but also on the number of people that will use the tools and platform. It can range from $5 to $25 per person, per month.

What is Box Pulse?

Box Pulse is a product feedback tool where the users of Box's services can give critiques and suggestions to enhance their experience.

What is Box Product Support?

Box Product Support is a tool that provides in-person or remote training plus help desk assistance to companies. There are three levels of Box Product Support including Standard and the two upgraded levels: Premier and Platinum.

Is Box available outside of the US?

Yes, Box is available outside of the US. It can be used across the world in a wide range of languages.

How can I change my Box account?

To change your Box account in any way, go to the admin console in the account and make the changes from the menu. If the change you need to make is not an option or need further assistance contact Box sales or customer service.

How do I cancel my Box account?

To completely cancel a Box account start by going to the admin console in the account and follow the directions that are found there. Additional help can be found here.

How can I reach Box customer service?

Box can be reached by phone at 1-877-729-4269. Customer service contact forms are here.

What if I need more assistance in choosing the right level of service and the tools that Box has to offer?

In addition to customer service, Box has Box Consulting which can help steer you to the right business tools and solutions for your company.

Does Box provide services for small companies?

It doesn't matter what size your company is, from a 1 or 2 person start up to a major, corporation, Box has the business tools that can help guide growth and success.