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14 G2A FAQs From Our Experts

G2A is a favorite source for digital gaming deals. G2A opened their doors in 2013 and has since been reinventing the simplicity of global trade. G2A is followed by over 19 million customers across the globe and offers over 75,000 different products. You'll find top deals for the top titles available for purchase at G2A online. You can also create a seller account on G2A if you have goods eligible for resale through the platform!

What is the G2A marketplace?

G2A is a trading platform and marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy and sell video games and gaming systems. Safe, secure, and complete with a fraud protection system, G2A buyers and sellers can rest assured that they are dealing with only legitimate shoppers. With over 75,000 products from over 450,000 sellers, there is plenty to enjoy at G2A online!

What products are available at G2A?

Here are the available products at G2A.

Is it safe to buy products on G2A?

Yes. All the keys on the platform are from the publishers and the developers themselves Still, it is important to remember that since G2A is a buying and selling marketplace, buyers must thoroughly check a seller’s reviews and ratings before purchasing anything from them. It is always best to go for sellers with the best ratings.

What payment methods are accepted at G2A?

Here are the accepted payment methods at G2A.

Can G2A products be activated in my country?

Most of the product on G2A can be activated wherever you are in the world. However, there are some that may be region-locked. These restrictions should be detailed in the product page. Click here for more details on availability restrictions for products. Here are the different region tags on products that reveal in which specific areas items can be activated.

G2A Region Tags

Region Tag Availability
GLOBAL Everywhere
NA North America
RU/CIS Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States
LATAM Latin America

Is G2A exclusively for PC only?

No. You can buy games at G2A that are not just for PC but also for consoles like Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo.

Will my G2A activation key work?

Yes. Every game seller on G2A is properly verified. In the event that you do encounter problems with your key during activation, you just need to contact the seller or customer service to promptly resolve your issue.

How do I activate a digital product I bought at G2A?

Target platforms are always indicated in the product name, making it clear which titles work with which platforms. There are also activation guides to help you. Activation instructions can be found in multiple locations on G2A. For instance, in the “Key For” section, there will be a “View Activation Guide” link. The guide can also be found on the product’s description.

Can I buy a physical product on G2A?

If you are EU-based, then you may be able to buy any of the numerous physical products offered at G2A from their many verified sellers. Just go to “Merchandise” or “Electronics” on the category bar to search for the product you want. Once you have selected all the items you are interested in, proceed to checkout.

What is the G2A Money Back Guarantee?

The Money Back Guarantee covers you in the event that something goes wrong with a product you purchased and the seller isn't able to assist. If you purchased a digital item that is not exactly how it was described, has been removed from your account, or does not work at all, you will be entitled to a refund. Report the problem and file a claim to receive your money back.

How do I start a G2A Money Back Guarantee claim?

If you’re having issues with a product you bought, start by reporting the problem to the seller. If it has been 7 days since you have attempted conversation with the seller, a “Go to Claim” options will appear in the conversation. Clicking on it and submitting the claim begins the process.

Why are keys sold on G2A so cheap?

The reason why products are so cheap on G2A is there are over 450,000 sellers on the platform. Stiff competition means that sellers have to offer the best possible prices so as to attract more customers. It is due to this natural competition that customers benefit from cheaper products on G2A.

Where do products on G2A come from?

Products sold on G2A come from publishers and developers. Sometimes, keys are distributed for free during contests, giveaways, and social media campaigns. Winners may decide to sell their keys on G2A. There are also publishers and developers that take part in the G2A Direct program which allows them to create their own storefront to sell their products directly on G2A.

How do I contact G2A customer service?

You can get in touch with G2A customer service via email at their support email address. You may also connect with the support team from your account. Just log in and go to the Support section to create a new ticket for whatever issue you are having. Make sure to include your email address and your order number in the request for faster assistance.