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12 Ollie FAQs From Our Experts

Ollie is a subscription only dog food delivery service that caters to discerning pet owners that treat their dogs like family and only want the best for them. The service can be used as the main food source or as a supplement to the current diet as described in the company's plans and outlines. Currently the company only ships to the contiguous US.

Ollie donates 1% of its profits to rescue organizations including the Sato Project.

What is Ollie?

Ollie is a subscription based dog food and treat delivery service. All food is made in small batches with recipes that were developed by veterinary nutritionists.

How do I sign up for Ollie?

To sign up for Ollie, you go to the website at myollie.com and fill out basic information about your dog (or dogs if you own more than one). From there, you will create a profile for each dog, describing their breed, size, overall health and activity level and their preferences. You will then choose a delivery schedule and a plan based on the needs of your pet. These can all be changed as needed by accessing your account.

Can I take Ollie with me if I travel?

Ollie can either ship your scheduled delivery to a temporary address, as long as it is in the continental US, or you can simply pack the food that you already have. Make sure that you have plenty of ice or cold packs to keep the food fresh.

What is Ollie's refund policy?

If you or your pet are not satisfied with your first shipment, call customer service at 1-844-886-5543 and have your payment refunded, cancel your account or make changes to the recipe that you are receiving.

How do I change or cancel my subscription plan?

Ollie allows you to change, skip or cancel delivery whenever you need to for whatever reason. You can call the Canine Care line at 1-844-886-5543, email: Caninecare@myollie.com or help@myollie.com. Changes, cancelations and skip options must be completed before the deadline or the order will ship as scheduled.

What payment types does Ollie accept?

Ollie currently accepts the following types of payments:

Ollie Payment Options

What are Ollie's shipping options?

Here is the Ollie shipping information.

Ollie Shipping Information

Ships to Fee Special Information
48 contiguous US states only Free shipping on all orders Carrier will vary from state to state, based on fees and other concerns

Does Ollie have a retail store?

Ollie is only available through the online, subscription service at this time. Ollie provides high quality foods created in small batches and ships directly to pet homes.

How do I contact someone at Ollie?

Ollie's Canine Care phone number is: 1-844-886-5543. The email for general questions is: caninecare@myollie.com. The email for help in changing, stopping or canceling your subscription is help@myollie.com

How is Ollie's food packaged to stay fresh during delivery?

Each box of Ollie food is packed in airtight trays and then placed in special coolers with enough dry ice or cold packs to maintain the right temperature for several hours on an average day. Delivery dates or times should be changed in intemperate conditions.

Is there a rewards program for Ollie?

Currently, there is not a rewards program for Ollie. Customers can sign up for messenger alerts through the Facebook page. These alerts will qualify customers for 50% off their first order as well as give updates about sales, new products and news and other important information.

Should I consult my veterinarian before starting an Ollie subscription?

Ollie has been developed by experts in pet nutrition but every dog is different. It is important that you never make sudden changes to your dog's diet especially when they are very young, very old or if there are known health issues.