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12 Pretty Litter FAQs From Our Experts

Pretty Litter is a kitty litter subscription service promising to save cat owners money while helping to keep felines happy and healthy. Their special litter formula enables it to last longer, smell better, and even helps detect digestive issues by changing color with use. With flexible pricing and free shipping, Pretty Litter aims to ease an age-old burden carried by all cat owners.

How much does Pretty Litter cost?

Pretty Litter has a three-tiered pricing scale:

Pretty Litter Price Options

# of Cats Bags Price
1 1 $21.00
2 2 $39.00
3+ 4 $68.00

What does Pretty Litter detect?

Pretty Litter can detect blood, acidity, and alkalinity abnormalities in your cat's urine.

How long do Pretty Litter products last?

One 4-pound bag of Pretty Litter lasts an entire month per cat.

What do the Pretty Litter colors mean?

Pretty Litter changes color with use to give you clues about your cat's digestive health:

Pretty Litter Color Meanings

Color Meaning Cause
Dark Yellow / Orange Acidity Metabolic acidosis, Kidney tubular acidosis, Low pH can lead to Calcium Oxalate
Red / Purple Blood Bladder inflammation, Bladder stones, Urinary tract infection
Blue / Green Alkaline Urinary tract infection, High pH can lead to stone and crystal formation

Does Pretty Litter smell?

Pretty Litter is odorless on its own, and uses special technology to trap and contain odor causing moisture better than traditional litter.

Is Pretty Litter safe?

Pretty Litter is completely safe for cats, even if ingested. It creates less dust and less overall waste, and is considered to be clean and effective.

Does Pretty Litter diagnose?

No. Pretty Litter's color cues are intended only as suggestions that your cat may be hiding an illness. Only a trained veterinarian can diagnose your pet.

How do I contact Pretty Litter customer service?

You can call Pretty Litter customer service at (800) 838-3381, or email them at meow@prettylitter.com.

What is the Pretty Litter return and refund policy?

Pretty Litter will accept a return for refund only in the event that the product is delivered in a damaged state. Visit PrettyLitter refunds for more information.

Does Pretty Litter offer promotions?

Pretty Litter occasionally releases promo codes. Bookmark Coupon Cause for updates!

What forms of payment does Pretty Litter accept?

Pretty Litter accepts the following cards:

Pretty Litter Payment Options

How much is Pretty Litter shipping?

There is no charge for Pretty Litter shipping and handling.