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11 Taskrabbit FAQs From Our Experts

TaskRabbit is a site that connects people who do things with the people that need things done. Tasks can range from simple, every day tasks to grander occasional tasks. Large or small, tedious or creative, the tasks that are requested typically have a tasker that will tackle them. Everything from booking a tasker to paying and reviewing them once the job has been completed is done through the platform with payment amounts marked clearly in the profiles of the people that are looking to perform the tasks. TaskRabbit charges a small service fee which is reflected in the total price that is seen in the listings.

How does TaskRabbit work?

TaskRabbit allows users to hire help for big and small tasks. Choose the taskers that fit your needs, compare prices per hour/task and then book the one that suits you best. Once the task is completed, the tasker is paid and you can leave a review through the TaskRabbit platform. You can tip your tasker if you would like, but it is not mandatory.

What are some of the services that are offered on TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit taskers can do things like handyman services (clean out a building, do light maintenance work), moving services (pack/unpack, move boxes), cleaning, office services, general help, parties and events, holiday help (gift wrapping/shopping, hanging lights and decorations) and more.

Because TaskRabbit is part of the Ikea group now, there are options for putting together furniture in the services offered.

Can I hire a TaskRabbit tasker anywhere?

TaskRabbit is found in many locations. To see if you are eligible to hire a tasker, search for your city here.

Does TaskRabbit have mobile apps?

The TaskRabbit mobile app can be used by people who need tasks done and taskers who are looking to take on gigs. Everything from booking to payment can be done from the mobile app which is free to download. Find the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Does TaskRabbit have gift cards?

TaskRabbit does have gift cards. They are digital cards but you must make a free account to purchase or redeem one.

Who are elite taskers on TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit considers a tasker "elite" after they have completed a set number of tasks per month for several months in a row AND have had consistently high customer ratings plus no violations of the Terms of Service set forth by TaskRabbit.

What payment methods are accepted at TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit uses Stripe for all payments. Stripe accepts the following payment methods:

TaskRabbit/Stripe Payment Methods

Does TaskRabbit charge additional fees for using its service?

There is a 15% service fee added to the payment amount when using TaskRabbit. You will see the full amount in the listing for the tasker that you are about to book.

Do you need to set up an account to use TaskRabbit?

Yes, you cannot do anything on TaskRabbit without creating a free account first.

How do you hire someone on TaskRabbit?

Using either the mobile app or a computer, go to "choose a task" then fill out the requested information. You will then see the taskers that fit your stated preferences including location, hours available and payment amount. Select a tasker and then complete the booking.

How do I contact someone at TaskRabbit customer service?

TaskRabbit relies on a live chat for urgent messages. To access the chat click on "profile" through the mobile app or on your computer and then click on "support". From there you will see the live chat option plus a drop down menu with some selected questions to get started with. For less urgent messages there is also an email form that can be used.