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10 Tru Earth FAQs From Our Experts

Tru Earth is a Canadian company that creates and sells environmentally friendly products including a line of laundry sheets that replace the need for jugs of detergent plus additional fabric softener. Each sheet is meant to wash a full load of laundry in both top loading and front loading washing machines. Other items that are available include reusable drinking straws, wool dryer balls, bamboo utensils and more.

🛍Is Tru Earth available in stores?

Tru Earth can be found in a number of retail locations. To find a store near you, visit their store locater online.

📪What is the Tru Earth shipping policy to the US?

Tru Earth ships to the US with free shipping on all orders.

🌍Does Tru Earth ship internationally?

Yes! Tru Earth does ship internationally. Shipping is free for international Tru Earth orders.

📦What is the Tru Earth return policy?

Tru Earth will allow the return of products even if they have been opened if you notify customer service within 7 days and the returned item arrives within 30 days.

💵Which payment methods are accepted by Tru Earth?

Tru Earth accepts the following payment methods:

Tru Earth Payment Methods

📆Can I subscribe to items from Tru Earth?

Tru Earth encourages the use of subscription plans for a number of reasons including: no risk of running out of your items, saving on the cost, and reduction of traffic based pollution due to fewer deliveries being made. Subscriptions are available with a number of sizes and at various times including quarterly, annually. Custom subscriptions can also be created by emailing customer service at Info@true.earth.com.

💻Is an account needed to order from Tru Earth?

If you are starting a subscription you will need an account. For a one time order, you do not need to create a Tru Earth account.

❓How do I know the ingredients for the Tru Earth products are safe?

You can read the Tru Earth product ingredients in full on the website.

🚫How do I change or cancel a subscription plan with Tru Earth?

To make changes to your Tru Earth subscription plan you can email customer service at Info@tru.earth.com to make the request for the change. You can also make the changes directly from your Tru Earth account online.

📞How do I contact Tru Earth customer service?

Tru Earth customer service can be reached by email at Info@tru.earth.com or by phone at 1-888-536-4211.