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11 Cleanly FAQs From Our Experts

Cleanly is a multi-service laundry concierge that will pick up and drop off laundry right at your door. Available through the Cleanly app or online, the service includes Wash and Fold as well as Dry Cleaning and can be started as either a monthly or yearly membership. Currently available in Brooklyn, NYC and Washington, DC, Cleanly is sure to continue growing and expanding into new markets.

Cleanly is partnered with Dress for Success, the charity that assists people find professional clothing for interviews so that they can get started on the path to their own financial freedom.

What is Cleanly?

Cleanly is a laundry service that picks up and drops off your laundry at your convenience. Customers can use the Cleanly app or order service online.

What is the Cleanly contact information?

Customers can call Cleanly at 1-888-257-8856 or email customer support at

What locations does Cleanly serve currently?

Cleanly service is available in Brooklyn, New York, New York City and in Washington, DC. Additional locations will be added as the service grows.

What are the Cleanly pricing levels?

Cleanly offers two main services: Wash and Fold, and Dry Cleaning. Wash and Fold prices vary by service and amount with a ten pound minimum for the basic wash and fold service. Dry cleaning services can range from $8-35 depending on the item that is being cleaned. Prices also vary by location.

What forms of payment does Cleanly accept?

Here is how you can pay for services at Cleanly:

Accepted Payment Methods at Cleanly

How do you get started with Cleanly?

To get started with Cleanly you can either download the app (iOS only) or go online. There, you will choose whether you want to have a monthly or yearly membership with the service, fill out your basic information and create your first order.

What are the benefits of membership with Cleanly?

Here are the benefits of a monthly or yearly membership with Cleanly.

Cleanly Membership Benefits

Discounts Cancel or Reschedule Waived Fee Bonus services
7% of orders 1 time per month without charge No fee for delivery 1 time per month Up to 4 free hang dry items per month
2 monthly free rush services

What is the Cleanly refund policy?

Cleanly will refund money (plus additional compensation) for lost or damaged items. The amount of compensation will vary by the item in question. You can find more information in the reimbursement policy.

How do you cancel your Cleanly membership?

All cancelations should be done via email at

Is a special Cleanly bag required for service?

Cleanly provides specially designed and labeled bags but they are not required. Regular bags can be used with dry cleaning and wash and fold clothing separated into two bags.

Does Cleanly have any special services?

Cleanly has a full range of wash and fold, and dry cleaning services with additional services such as rush and overnight available for additional fees.