Top 10 Subscription Boxes for Geeks and Pop Culture Lovers with Coupons

Nerds, geeks and pop culture lovers alike, this one is for you! These 10 subscription boxes feature items from our favorite franchises like Marvel, Harry Potter and more. Or, they'll teach you something nerdy like how electricity works, fit you out with sweet nerdy gear or just bring the family together for good ol' fashioned fun.

Let's get into it. Here are our picks for the 10 best subscription boxes for geeks.

10 Subscription Boxes for Nerds

1. Loot Crate: Loot Crate is one of the best known subscription boxes for geeks and pop culture lovers. There are also a couple variations of Loot Crate like Loot Wear and Loot Anime, but for the purposes of this list we'll just explore the classic Loot Crate. Select your subscription length and your shirt size, and Loot Crate will ship you a new box of goodies from your favorite franchises every month of your subscription. Shipped goods include 4+ pop culture items from franchises like Deadpool, Harry Potter and more, a t-shirt in every box and more collectibles adding up to over $45 in value for each box. Loot Crate costs only $19.99 per month and can be saved on with a Loot Crate coupon like 15% off your first crate with code LOOTR15.

2. Awesome Pack: Awesome Pack is the subscription box for kids, both young and old. That's right, Awesome Pack will make adults feel young again. This is a great subscription box for kids and families. Sign up for the "Big Kid Pack" and each month you'll receive 4-6 specially curated games, board games and more. Mini games and game related items can also be found in Awesome Packs. All of this great fun for only $39.99 per month! Use an Awesome Pack coupon to help you save on your order. 

3. Box of Challenge: Sign up for Box of Challenge and each month you'll be shipped a themed box of fun in the form of puzzles, brainteasers, challenges and more! This is a perfect subscription box for the whole family. Each month's box is centered around a specific theme. Past themes have included Super Geometry, the Riddler, Crazy Circus and UFOs. Box of Challenge starts at only $29 per month. Use a Box of Challenge promo code to help you save on your first month's order. 

4. Geek Fuel: How does $100+ of nerd swag delivered to your door 4 times a year sound? Geek Fuel EXP boxes include items like Deadpool t-shirts, Game of Thrones figurines, X-Men collectibles, and items from Star Wars, Bob's Burgers, Planet of the Apes and even an online game for Steam! Nerds can sign up for the quarterly plan for $57 per quarter, 2 quarters for $55 per quarter or the annual plan for $53 per quarter. Use a Geek Fuel coupon like $3 off to help you save on your order.

5. Brick Loot: Who doesn't love playing with LEGO? Brick Loot is the subscription box for kids who love building with LEGO. Sign up for a Brick Loot subscription and you will receive a custom filled package of building blocks to your door every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your plan. Each box includes 4-8 exclusive items, totaling over $45 in retail value. A 1-month subscription with Brick Loot will cost $27.28 per month and can be cancelled anytime. A Brick Loot coupon code like LEGO10 to save 10% off any subscription.

6. My Geek Box: The name says it all. My Geek Box is one of the best subscription boxes for geeks and nerds. The monthly mystery box from My Geek Box comes packed with 4-7 collectibles each month for only $40 per month. Expect items from all your favorite franchises like Fallout, Batman, Pokemon and much, much more. My Geek Box coupons will help drive down the cost of your order. Use code MGB5 to save $5 off your first box.

7. Creation Crate: Creation Crate is the subscription box for people of all ages that want to learn more about electronics. The 12-month Creation Crate curriculum will give you plenty of actual programming experience and will prepare you for an entirely new professional future. Each month, the projects get a little bit tougher and teach you a little bit more. Sign up for the most popular 6-month plan and pay $25.49 per month. A Creation Crate coupon will help you save money on your order. Use code HELLO10 to save 10% off your entire order!

8. Teeblox: Sign up for a Teeblox subscription and you'll receive a brand new nerdy t-shirt, based off your pre-indicated preference. Select from a handful of categories including: Funny, Sports, Love, Fantasy, Activism and more! Teeblox costs only $8.99 and satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our Teeblox coupon codes. Use code CPCTBX for up to 24% off your first month!

9. Horror Pack: Do you live for good horror movies? Well you'll die for this monthly subscription box! Horror Pack ships specially curated horror movies to your door each month of your subscription. Blu-ray and DVD plans are both available for customers. The movies are yours to keep! Horror Pack costs $24.99 per month and includes 4 movies. A Horror Pack coupon code like FREETRIAL30 will save you $5 off sitewide.

10. Groovy Lab in a Box: Groovy Lab in a Box is one of our favorite subscription boxes for kids but is just a great subscription box for geeks in general. Each month, Groovy Lab in a Box will ship kids a STEM-based experiment to stimulate learning. The box costs only $29.95 per month. Check out one of our Groovy Lab in a Box coupons to help you stack on the savings!