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11 Dinnerly FAQs From Our Experts

Dinnerly is an inexpensive fresh food delivery service that promises to provide simple recipes and raw ingredients for healthy and delicious meals in two different sized box arrangements. With a cycling menu of effortless $5.00 meals, Dinnerly makes dinner easy and affordable for busy families that love home cooking.

What is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly is an affordable fresh food delivery service that provides ingredients and simple recipes on a customized delivery schedule.

What are Dinnerly's order size options?

You can arrange a Dinnerly order in one of two sizes: three meals each for two people, or three meals each for four people.

How do I contact Dinnerly customer service?

You can call Dinnerly customer service at 888-267-2850 or email them at

What are some of Dinnerly's meal options?

Dinnerly's menu changes weekly with exciting new recipes and in-season ingredients:

To where does Dinnerly ship?

Due to sourcing and shipping restrictions, Dinnerly delivers to these locations:

How much does Dinnerly cost?

Dinnerly promises their meals to cost $5.00 each before an $8.99 weekly shipping fee:

Dinnerly Price Options

Box Price
Six meals $38.99 per week including shipping
Twelve meals $68.99 per week including shipping

Who is Dinnerly for?

Dinnerly is for anyone that loves home cooking but doesn't always have time to choose meals from recipe books or shop for ingredients. The service is positioned as an affordable and fresh alternative to takeout and fast food.

Does Dinnerly have vegetarian options?

Dinnerly does include vegetarian meals in their rotating menus, but not every week.

How are Dinnerly orders packaged?

Dinnerly orders are insulated and cooled with ice packs to ensure freshness upon delivery.

Can I eat Dinnerly if I have food allergies?

Dinnerly offers some recipes that are adjusted to allergens, but does not have a full menu fitting to specific allergies. Ingredients and allergens are listed in each recipe, but all food products are processed in the same facility. As a result, Dinnerly does not guarantee against cross-contamination.

Can I change my Dinnerly delivery frequency?

Yes, of course! You can customize your order's size and frequency at any time through your Dinnerly account settings.