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*Plus $8.99 shipping - 3 recipes per week, 4 servings per recipe

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12 EveryPlate FAQs From Our Experts

EveryPlate is a meal delivery service promising fresh ingredients for delicious meals, right to your doorstep. With a weekly rotating menu of diverse and flavorful dishes, and an unbeatable per meal price, EveryPlate is a great value for on-the-go people and parents. Each box contains ingredients for 3 meals, whether your dining for 2 or with a family of 4. Recipe cards are easy to follow and include nutritional information for each dish. Choose from a menu of 5 weekly meals to satisfy yours or your family's need for fresh, home cooked dinners.

How do I contact EveryPlate customer service?

Call EveryPlate customer service at (973) 210-4915 or chat with them via live chat window on their website. Their support team is available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:30pm EST.

What are some of EveryPlate's meal options?

EveryPlate's flexible menu rotates weekly to 5 new dishes. This week's options are:

What are the EveryPlate plan options?

You can choose between 2 different meal plans. EveryPlate subscriptions can be paused, restarted, or closed at anytime. Here are the plan details:

EveryPlate Plan Options

Plan Recipes Servings
Dinner for 2 3 per week 2 per recipe
Dinner for 4 3 per week 4 per recipe

How much is EveryPlate shipping?

Each shipment of fresh EveryPlate food costs $8.99 to send. They typically arrive between 8am and 8pm.

How much does EveryPlate cost?

EveryPlate is one of the most affordable meal delivery options available. Each meal, no matter the plan, comes to $4.99 before shipping.

How long will my ingredients stay fresh?

EveryPlate recommends meals be prepared and consumed within a week of delivery. Package contents are ensured to keep in transit with the use of ice packs, insulation, and cooling material.

Do I need to be present for a EveryPlate delivery?

No. EveryPlate shipments can be left at a doorstep or wherever designated in your delivery instructions, without your being present. No signatures are necessary.

To where does EveryPlate ship?

Unfortunately, EveryPlate shipping does not currently cover the entire country. They ask shoppers to select a plan online and enter their zip code to confirm availability.

Can I eat EveryPlate if I have food allergies?

Some meals may contain allergens. Facility protection against contamination meets standards of the grocery industry. They don't currently offer plans that tailor to specific allergies or diets.

Is nutritional information included?

Nutrition and ingredient information are printed on recipe cards mailed with each EveryPlate delivery. The same information can be found online.

What forms of payment does EveryPlate accept?

EveryPlate accepts all major credit cards. They do not accept PayPal at this time. Available payment options are:

EveryPlate Payment Options

Does EveryPlate accept returns?

They don't mention returns explicitly on their website. They do promise their prompt attention to matters brought to their customer service lines.