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13 Hertz FAQs From Our Experts

Hertz is an industry leader in car rental services. Having been in the business since 1918, Hertz has helped many travelers enjoy their journey en route to their final destination. Whether renting a car for your vacation or business needs, trust the Hertz wide range of sports, luxury, and hybrid vehicles to meet your needs. Currently operating in more than 150 countries across the world and with a car rental service that is tailored fit to suit your needs, expect nothing short of a satisfying rental experience when you choose to rent your next car with Hertz.

What kinds of vehicles are available for rent at Hertz?

To find out more about the specific types of vehicles offered at a specific location, refer to the Vehicle Guide. Make sure to select your destination country as well as the specific type of vehicle you prefer. The search results will show a list of the vehicles in-line with your preferences that Hertz carries.

What are the requirements for a Hertz car rental?

To rent a car, you need to meet the minimum age requirement in the location where you are renting. You are required to have a valid driver’s license. You must also have a valid method of payment.

Is there a minimum age for renting a car with Hertz?

Throughout most of the United States and Canada, the minimum age for renting a car with Hertz is 20 years old. These renters will be required to pay a Young Renter fee. In Michigan and New York, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old with a Young Renter fee. Meanwhile, for Adrenaline and Prestige Collection vehicles, the minimum age is 25 years old. Click here to learn more about car rental options for drivers under 25.

What payment methods does Hertz accept for reservations?

Here are the payment methods accepted at Hertz when making a reservation.

Does Hertz accept cash for rentals?

At US corporate locations, you may be allowed to do cash rentals provided that you can present a Hertz Cash Deposit Card ID Card or any acceptable charge card. You can use the debit or charge card at the beginning of the rental and then use cash to pay when you return. Note that to secure a Cash Deposit ID Card, the proper application form must be completed. Click here to learn more about cash payments.

Does Hertz allow monthly rentals?

Yes. In fact, Hertz offers special, affordable monthly lease rates for a range of vehicles. On top of this, you enjoy no mileage restrictions, no long-term commitment, the choice to swap vehicles, as well as discounted rates on the Loss Damage Waiver. This option is offered for one-way rentals and is available at more than 2,000 Hertz locations. With monthly rentals, note that the longer the rental period, the bigger your savings will be. Learn more here.

Does Hertz offer hybrid vehicles for rent?

Yes. In select locations, hybrid models that belong to the Hertz Green Collection are available. Click here to learn more.

Does Hertz offer passes that will let you travel through toll roads?

Yes! For tollways, Hertz offers PlatePass. This is an electronic payment solution that will allow you to use all-electronic tollways or covered cashless collection lanes where you won’t need to pay directly or use a personal transponder. Learn more about how PlatePass works here.

How do I change my Hertz reservation?

To view or modify your reservation, click here. Just make sure to enter your last name and the confirmation number of your reservation to start making the necessary changes.

Does Hertz charge a penalty for cancelation of reservations?

Canceling reservations processed through the Hertz site does not induct any penalty. However there are certain vehicles and rates that are reserved through the Hertz phone numbers or travel agents that may require a penalty for cancelation. Note however, that if a penalty is applicable, this will be disclosed on the rate screen as well as the confirmation screen upon reservation.

Does Hertz allow online check-in?

Yes. If you have already reserved your reservation online and have received confirmation, just select "Begin Online Check-In". If you reserved somewhere else, you can still go through online check-in by selecting "Online Check-In" from the Hertz website. To complete the check-in process your driver’s license details and your reservation ID number will be required. Note that if you are a Resident’s Circle, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, or Platinum member, check-in is no longer necessary.

What is Hertz Rent2Buy?

In the Hertz Rent2Buy program, interested car buyers can take a used car for an extended test drive. The program also gives them the chance to save up to 30% if they choose to go through with the car purchase. Rent2Buy gives buyers peace of mind knowing that they are getting a properly functional car before paying for it. Learn more about Rent2Buy here.

How do I contact Hertz customer care?

You can reach Hertz customer care by phone at 1 (800) 654-4173 or by email at customerrelations@hertz.com. You may also refer to their customer support page for other communication channels that are available to you.