10 Top Men's Fashion and Style Subscription Boxes with Coupons

The fashionable man has many options when it comes to finding a suitable fashion subscription box. From high quality formal looks to more relaxed looks featuring video game or sports brands, there is something for everyone. You can even subscribe to a Sock of the Month club if that's your fancy!

Here, we will talk briefly about our 10 favorite men's fashion subscription boxes, how each is unique and how you can save on your order!

Best Men's Fashion Boxes Plus Coupons

  1. Trunk Club: Owned and operated by Nordstrom, Trunk Club takes many of the brands men already know and love and makes them available in regularly shipped boxes. There are a couple neat little catches to Trunk Club. For one, you can request boxes whenever you like or have them shipped at monthly intervals. You can also return clothes back to Trunk Club. If you return items back, you won't have to pay for them! Customers don't pay for the Trunk Club box until they receive your returns. Basically, you pay for what you actually keep plus a $25 styling fee which you get credited back at checkout! The Trunk Club style is more on the formal side and includes tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. A Trunk Club coupon will help you save on your first order!

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  3. Gentleman's Box: The savvy man will love Gentleman's Box. With a stronger focus on accessories and the finer things that bring a look together, the Gentleman's Box is essentially packed with high-quality stocking stuffers for $25 per month. Use a Gentleman's Box coupon to save on any order. Subscribers can expect items like bold neckties, socks, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, boxers and more with each monthly box. The Gentleman's Box also ships with grooming samples. Sign up for the Premium Subscription and receive over $300 worth of stuff for $100 a month, including headphones, drinking glasses and other items. Too much? Try out the Sock of the Month club for just $12 per month or the Tie of the Month club for $15.

  4. Menlo Club: Have two stylish items shipped to your month for $60 per month with Menlo Club. Once called Five Four Club, the newly renamed Menlo Club features a wide selection of style in their products including casual, trendy and classic... or a mix of them all! Try using a Menlo Club coupon to help bring the cost of your first order down. 

  5. Birchbox: Birchbox is one of our favorite beauty boxes for women. But they also make a really great subscription box for men! You won't be getting a box full of clothes or accessories like you will with our other picks for top men's fashion subscription boxes. What you will be getting is five great grooming products each and every month of your subscription. Receive your monthly Birchbox with items like special deodorants, oils, soaps and more for only $10 per month. A Birchbox promo code will help you save on these new grooming products.

  6. Loot Crate: For the nerdier man who would prefer a box filled with pop culture-themed t-shirts and goods, Loot Crate is the way to go. Loot Crate offers a few box choices including Movies & TV, Gaming and Pop Culture boxes. What we want to cover though is Loot Wear. Starting at $9.99 per month, this subscription that sends you awesome clothing with pop culture-themed prints. Think Super Mario socks and Halo t-shirts. Of course, you can always order any one of the Loot Crate boxes and know you'll get at least a t-shirt with it! A Loot Crate coupon will help you save on your first month subscription.

  7. SprezzaBox: For just $28 per month, SprezzaBox will ship you the stylish accessories you need to pull your look together. Ties, sunglasses, socks and watches make up just some of the gear you'll be getting with a SprezzaBox subscription. Make sure to check for a featured SprezzaBox discount code to help get your first month for a little cheaper!

  8. MeUndies: Every man] man needs a good pair of undies. At least that's what the good people at MeUndies believe (and we'd tend to agree with them). Men can sign up for a fresh pair of stylish underwear through MeUndies for just $16 per month. And these aren't just any old pair of underwear! MeUndies features loads of unique, bold styles. Choose from the Adventurous, Bold or Classic subscription and get ready for lots of new drawers! MeUndies coupons will help you save a little money on a subscription.
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  10. ArmourBox: For the man looking to improve his fashion when working out, the ArmourBox may be just what you need. The ArmourBox ships each month with 4-6 products, curated based off of your pre-indicated training preferences and sizes. Keep what you want and send back what you don't, Under Armour will only charge you for the items you keep. As an added bonus, Under Armour will take 20% off the total price if you keep everything they send! Even if you don't keep everything, you can still save with an Under Armour coupon.

  11. Geek Fuel: Another option for the nerdy man is Geek Fuel. Much like Loot Crate, Geek Fuel is built around pop culture icons from video games, movies, TV and literature. Geek Fuel boxes ship with collectible items including action figures, household items, online downloads and of course, an exclusive collector's t-shirt. Geek Fuel subscription boxes start at $18.90 per month but customers can save by using a Geek Fuel coupon.

  12. Fanchest: Any sports fan will appreciate Fanchest. Whether your favorite team is in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB or NCAA, Fanchest has a merchandise box that you will absolutely love. Fanchest ships with 5 team-branded items at an $80 value for only $59! Each box will include surprises but possible products include beanies, team flags, mugs and cups, shirts, bags and more! Baby Fanchests are available for $59 and the premium Memorabilia Fanchest includes a signed item and ships for $145. A Fanchest coupon code will help you save money on your first order.