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11 AirportParking FAQs From Our Experts

AirportParking is a parking lot reservation service working in the US and Canada with a number of partnered parking lots both at the airport and in other neighboring locations. The system allows for simple reservations and is easy to understand and to use. Secure your airport parking beforehand with AirportParking.

How does AirportParking work?

AirportParking allows you to make reservations at nearly 100 parking lots in the US and Canada for a small service fee. This reservation locks in the price on that day, guaranteeing you a place to park at the airport.

Do you have to make a reservation on AirportParking's website to park in the lots?

You do not have to make a reservation. However, the drive up price may be higher than what you would pay with a reservation and the parking lot may not have space for you when you arrive.

Which payment methods are accepted by AirportParking?

These are the payment methods accepted by AirportParking. Some lots accept additional payment methods including cash.

What is the AirportParking cancelation policy?

AirportParking allows cancelations to occur within the first 24 hours of making a reservation without penalty. This means that you will receive a full refund, including the service fee, if you cancel in that time period. If you cancel beyond that time, the service fee will not be refunded.

What is the AirportParking refund policy?

Refunds for reasons beyond those explained in the cancelation policy may be at the sole discretion of the parking lots and will vary from each location.

Do I need to create an account to make a reservation at AirportParking?

You can make a reservation with AirportParking without creating an account by choosing "continue as guest".

What are the different parking options with AirportParking?

AirportParking offers several parking options including self parking, valet service, indoor parking and outdoor parking. Shuttles are available at most locations and additional services may also be offered.

Are the prices at AirportParking in US or Canadian dollars?

The prices AirPortParking lists are in US dollars for US lots and Canadian dollars for the Canadian lots.

Can you change an AirportParking lot reservation once it has been made?

AirportParking cannot transfer a reservation from one lot to another. You can cancel one reservation and make another on your own, however.

Does AirportParking have any type of discounts or special savings?

Deals are generally at the discretion of each lot. Look for AirportParking deals available online at CouponCause.

How do I contact AirportParking customer service?

AirportParking customer service can be reached by live chat on the website. You may also call each parking lot directly. The contact information should be available in your reservation confirmation.