15 AliExpress FAQs From Our Experts

Find everything that you need at the best prices at AliExpress. An online retail company offering a wide assortment of products anywhere in the world, they offer a platform for many small businesses while providing buyers with numerous product options at very competitive prices. Launched in 2010 and based in China, AliExpress has since been a popular go-to destination for buyers all over the world that want to get products at much cheaper price tags.

And with an ample supply of Alix Express promo code and coupon code deals, you can save big on the Internet's best deals. AliExpress promo codes for December, for example, include discounts of $25+ off your total purchase. Combine these savings on top of merchant flash deals and the AliExpress holiday deals sale to really get a steal.

What sets AliExpress apart?

AliExpress offers great value on more than 100 million products available. With shipping worldwide available, the AliExpress site caters to 5 different languages to make the online shopping experience even more convenient and hassle-free for their global customers. They offer buyer protection, which covers you from the moment you click order on a product until it is delivered. Along with winning customer service that is available 24/7, AliExpress has made it even easier for you to shop on the go by downloading the AliExpress app on your mobile device.

Both AliExpress and Alibaba are owned by the parent company Alibaba Group. Alibaba caters more toward B2B customers, selling its products in bulk with discounts based on volume. AliExpress, by contrast, is direct to consumers and individual home shoppers. Products are sold from the factory floor to your home, resulting in tremendous savings. Often, factory merchandise is re-branded and packaged before being sold by a retailer with a storefront. Or, it's sold by sellers on online marketplaces like Amazon. These intermediaries mark up the product's cost before selling it to you. With AliExpress, you can buy it straight from the source and save a lot of money.

And with AliExpress discount codes and AliExpress flash deals, you can really score. There are store AliExpress discounts that are offered by individual sellers or storefronts on the AliExpress website. There is no specific AliExpress USA website. When you visit the site, make sure to set your settings to US location and USD for the currency.

Where can I get an AliExpress Promo Code?

You can find AliExpress promo codes and store coupons in the AliExpress app or on shopping and coupon sites like CouponCause, Swagbucks, or InboxDollars. On CouponCause's AliExpress coupon page, you can find dozens of deals, sales alerts, and special AliExpress coupon codes.

Apply any AliExpress coupon code at the checkout page. You can only apply one coupon per order. If you have two or more AliExpress coupons, make sure to read the coupon details carefully so you can apply the best one.

If you install the app, you'll get an additional AliExpress promo code. Enjoy 5% to 15% off.

Can I make changes to my AliExpress order?

Unfortunately, AliExpress is unable to make modifications to an order once it has been placed successfully. You may, however, contact the seller to see if they can make the necessary changes. You may also ask the seller to cancel the order so you can make a new one with the changes you want to be reflected this time around.

Does AliExpress Have Free Shipping?

AliExpress has free shipping for millions of products. It's down to the seller. Some sellers build shipping costs into their unit price. Others may offer free shipping to select countries or for a minimum purchase amount. Sellers run their own promotions and may offer an AliExpress promo code for free shipping.

Even when shipping costs are not included, the total purchase price is similar to what you will pay for the same product sold by a different merchant with free shipping included.

How Long Does AliExpress Shipping Take?

Shipping time can take anywhere from 10-45 days, or more. After all, your order is being shipped overseas. At an additional cost, many sellers do offer more expedited shipping options.

What products does AliExpress sell?

Here are the products available at AliExpress.

What payment options does AliExpress accept?

Here are the payment methods accepted at AliExpress.

Can I cancel my AliExpress order?

Yes, as long as the order has not yet been shipped out. Just login to your account, go to My Orders, find the order you want to cancel, and then select Cancel Order. If an order has already been paid for and you wish to cancel it, you will need the seller’s approval. The seller will either agree to your request and not ship the order so it gets canceled automatically or they will continue to ship it to you. Click here for more information.

Do I have to pay for customs taxes when I buy from AliExpress?

You may be charged customs taxes and duties for the stuff you bought from AliExpress. This is because these charges are not included in what you paid for when you made your purchase. How much you’ll be charged will depend on the customs policies in your country. Note that these charges are your responsibility. Click here to learn more.

What is AliExpress’ return policy?

AliExpress products with the Local Return icon can be returned within 15 days from their purchase, regardless of the reason, provided that they are in their original condition, unused, unwashed, and the original tags and packaging intact. To initiate the return, just open a dispute and select the reason why you’re returning the product. Click here to learn how you can open a dispute for Local Return. You can also check out detailed information on Local Returns here.

How do I return an AliExpress parcel?

When returning goods after opening a dispute, take note of the return address indicated on the dispute page. Make sure to include the order in the parcel that you’re returning and send it back through your post office. The return shipping fees will be your responsibility. Once shipped back, go back to the dispute page to update the shipment provider and the return number.

When can I expect my refund from AliExpress?

It will usually take 7 working days for returned parcels to reach AliExpress. Once the parcel has been reviewed and found to have met all the conditions, a refund will be executed within 2 days. You should be able to see it in your account within 3-20 business days.

Does AliExpress accept PayPal as a mode of payment?

As of the moment, Paypal is only supported for a select number of countries. It will also only be available as a payment method for buyers in these countries if the seller has specifically activated it as a payment option. Here are the countries where Paypal is supported.

What is AliExpress' Buyer Protection?

Buyer Protection is AliExpress’ way of providing a set of guarantees for their buyers from the time they make an order to its delivery. It includes a refund and an on-time delivery guarantee. To learn more about buyer’s protection, click here.

How can I get in touch with AliExpress customer service?

You can chat with AliExpress customer service here 24/7. Just select the right category on the drop down below so you will get connected to the right agent.