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17 cbdMD FAQs From Our Experts

cbdMD is a website dedicated to bringing quality hemp based CBD oil and products to a wide range of consumers, from the brand new and just curious to the dedicated consumer of all things CBD. Items range from tinctures to gummies and even topical use products. cbdMD also has a number of pet related CBD products. Here at the cbdMD coupon page, you can find the latest promo codes and best cbdMD coupon to help you save on your order at checkout. Look for free shipping and today's top discounts that are regularly updated here and included among our best discount for this store. As a note, we may receive a commission for orders at cbdMD using discount codes, promo codes or coupon codes found on this page.

Is cbdMD legit?

cbdMD is absolutely legit. The company has been providing its customers with high-quality CBD products since 2015. If you’re ready to purchase CBD online, cbdMD can provide you with some of the best deals on products like bath bombs, botanical items, pet CBD, and much more.

cbdMD is one of the most popular stores for CBD because of its commitment to quality. The company also regularly offers deals, promo codes, and exclusive coupon codes that can help you save money on what you buy from them. Whether you’re a healthcare worker, someone who’s looking for a military discount, free shipping on all orders at cbdMD, or other discount code or cbdMD promo code, chances are you’ll find the CBD you want at a low price on cbdMD. One of the best cbdMD offers that was last used from this site is an extra 15% or 25% off sitewide. Look for cbdMD offers like this among our total offers to maximize savings!

Is cbdMD organic?

One thing you might care about before using a discount code to shop with cbdMD is whether the company is all-organic or not. cbdMD doesn’t say whether all of the ingredients that it uses in its products are organic or not. However, this typically means that at least some of the ingredients aren’t organic.

That being said, the company does use organic and non-GMO hemp plants in its products. These plants are grown in Kentucky. Kentucky was chosen for its unique soil composition and favorable climate. Whether or not the other ingredients that cbdMD uses in its products are organic is unclear. But you can at least have confidence in the fact that its hemp plants are organic and grown right here in the United States.

Is cbdMD THC-free?

People buy CBD for its health qualities -- not to get high. So before you use a cbdMD coupon code to buy from this company, you want to make sure that you’re not going to get a bunch of THC in your product.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue that you need to worry about when shopping with cbdMD. The company uses something called broad-spectrum CBD. This type of CBD is totally THC-free. It essentially extracts the terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, and cannabinoids from hemp plants and gives all of the nutrients from those things to you in whatever form of CBD you decide to purchase.

What is cbdMD?

cbdMD is a website that sells CBD oil and other related products for people and for pets. You can find a wide variety of forms of CBD at cbdMD. And, before every purchase, you can find a new cbdMD coupon code right here at CouponCause!

Does cbdMD ship internationally?

cbdMD does not ship internationally at this time. US buyers should consider a promo code or coupon found here to help save money at cbdMD and related stores.

What is the return policy for cbdMD?

cbdMD recommends that any problems with orders be reported to customer service by email (Support@cbdmd.com) or by phone at 1-800-973-3984 as soon as possible. Reports for damaged items should be made within 3 days of delivery. All other returns should be requested by email or phone within 30 days. Returns are at the sole discretion of cbdMD and may be refused.

What methods of payment are accepted by cbdMD?

When purchasing, make sure to use one of these cbdMD offers to help you save money. If you can get 15% off your CBD oil order, why wouldn't you? At the checkout page, cbdMD accepts the following types of payment:

cbdMD Payment Methods

What are the cbdMD products?

These are the products sold by cbdMD:

What is the cbdMD domestic shipping policy?

This is the cbdMD domestic shipping policy. All standard shipping is free, regardless of the size of the order. Deliveries outside of the continental US, including to APO and FPO addresses, will take longer to process and deliver.

cbdMD Domestic Shipping Information

Type Fee Processing Time Delivery Time
Standard Free 2-5 business days 2-4 additional business days
UPS ground $4.95 2-5 business days 3-5 additional business days
UPS Select $7.95 2-5 business days 2-3 additional business days

Is there an age restriction for buying products from cbdMD?

All items at cbdMD are listed as not for sale to people under 18.

Are there other ways of using cbdMD products for people who would rather not ingest?

cbdMD carries a wide range of products including pleasantly flavored gummy supplements and items that are used topically rather than ingested.

Does cbdMD have any helpful tips for people who have never tried CBD products at all?

There is a first time buyer's guide that cbdMD has published that helps explain the terms and the different types of products. You can find that guide here. If it's our first time, be sure to find cbdMD coupons, discount codes or the best cbdMD coupon available to save on your order. For example, one regularly featured cbdMD coupon code gives buyers an extra 20% off orders!

How do I contact someone at cbdMD customer service?

cbdMD customer service can be reached by email at Support@cbdmd.com or by this contact form. There is a live chat option on the website as well. The customer service phone number is 1-800-973-3984. It can be reached 7 days of the week from 8:30 am to Midnight. If you have a question about using a cbdMD coupon code, discount code or other cbdMD promo code, check out this FAQ. Discount codes include an extra 25% off sitewide and are available from June 2021 and beyond.

Who owns cbdMD?

If you’re going to buy something from cbdMD, you might be curious about who you’re actually supporting with your purchase. To answer that question, let’s take a look at who owns cbdMD so that you can make sure you know who you’re buying from when you use a cbdMD coupon code.

cbdMD is owned by a company called Level Brands, Inc. Level Brands was founded in 2015 and is currently run by CEO Martin Sumichrast. The company also owns and operates several other brands, including Kathy Ireland, I’M1, EE1, and Beauty Pin-Ups.

Hopefully, that answered your question and you’re ready to use a cbdMD coupon code without worry. If so, head on over to CouponCause to find the best cbdMD promo codes for your next purchase. For example, some coupons allow customers to get 15% off an order, free shipping or receive an extra 20% off sitewide! It's important to find the best promo code, discount code or cbdMD coupon before you hit the checkout page. CouponCause is where you can find the best cbdMD coupon and cbdMD promo code for your order.

Where is cbdMD located?

cbdMD was founded in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has maintained its base of operations in the city ever since. This means, that if you end up using a cbdMD discount code to buy a product from the company, it’ll likely ship to you from North Carolina.

Maybe you live on the opposite side of the country and you’re worried about your CBD topicals arriving late. However, this isn’t really an issue for cbdMD. The company pledges to deliver free 2-3 day shipping on all orders. So you can use promo codes for the company without worrying about your order arriving after you expect it to. Order online using the last used cbdMD promo codes and discount codes and you may receive a larger discount than you ever dreamed of! There's a cbdMD coupon code for everyone.

Where can I find cbdMD coupons and coupon codes?

If you want CBD gummies, CBD oil, or pet CBD and you don’t want to have to spend a ton to get it, CouponCause has you covered. We’ve got all of the best promo codes, discount codes, and coupon codes for cbdMD as well as a whole host of related stores. Each coupon here is among the best discount you'll find online!

Head on over to our page for cbdMD and there’s a very good chance that you’ll find a cbdMD coupon that suits your purposes. We also have a useful cbdMD coupon FAQ so you can figure out exactly how to apply the discount code that you want to use with ease. If you have any questions about a cbdMD coupon code or promo code, including free shipping or an extra 20% off sitewide cbdMD coupons, refer to the FAQ for more info.

Our promo codes are the best coupons that you’ll find and could help you save money store-wide on your entire order. If you see a coupon you like, make sure to use this coupon! Visit our page for more details and to get your site-wide discount on eligible items right away with one of a regularly updated cbdMD discount code or promo code. We’ll save you from having to spend hours looking up “coupon code cbdMD on Google”.

Is there anything else I should know about cbdMD before buying?

cbdMD’s mission is to enhance the overall quality of their customers’ lives with CBD supplements. The company offers a wide variety of CBD products for exactly this reason. cbdMD wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access the potential healing benefits of the cannabis plant.

Shopping with cbdMD is a total breeze as well. The company is currently offering 15% discounts on each customer’s first order. So you can get a nice cbdMD discount regardless of what you want to buy from them. CouponCause makes it even easier to shop with this company by offering a bunch of cbdMD codes that can save you money. You can just use these during the cbdMD checkout process and pay less for the products you want.

All customers that buy from the company also receive free shipping. Plus, cbdMD has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re unhappy with your order from cbdMD for any reason after you checkout, it should be pretty easy to get your money back.

One of the best features of cbdMD is how easy the company makes it to shop for the specific CBD oil and other products that you want. For example, the retailer splits its products into the following categories:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD sleep aids
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD bath products

There are even CBD bundles that you can shop for if you want to buy in bulk or try a few different items at once. With this setup, a user can immediately find the products that they want without having to sift through loads of CBD Items that are irrelevant to their interests.

It’s also pretty rare to find a CBD company that sells products for both humans and animals in the same place. But cbdMD has CBD products that are designed specifically to be used by both cats and dogs. It doesn’t even matter if your furry friend is a picky eater. cbdMD accommodates all pet palettes with things like CBD peanut butter for dogs and tasty CBD cat treats.

Just in case you’re not super familiar with CBD, let’s take a minute to look at exactly what it is and why you might want to use it. CBD stands for cannabidiol. It comes from cannabis plants but contains very minimal amounts of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. So taking CBD lets you experience some of the claimed naturally occurring health benefits of the cannabis plant without feeling intoxicated.

There are tons of different ways that you can support your health by taking CBD. For example, it is claimed that CBD may be helpful for the following ailments:

  • Pain relief
  • Reductions in feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Alleviation of cancer-related symptoms
  • Acne reduction
  • Heart health
  • And more

We should make it clear that as of this writing, the FDA has not approved CBD for the above ailments.

CBD supposedly provides nearly the same benefits for pets as well. For example, it may help your cat or dog with the anxiety they get when you leave them alone. It may also help with appetite, relieve pain, and even treat seizures.

It’s all of these benefits that are making CBD increasingly popular in places like the United States. Companies like cbdMD are also making it easier than ever to purchase CBD in the form that you want. This means that you can benefit from its claimed health properties in a way that makes sense to you. And if you’d like to try one of the company’s products out for cheaper, you can find a cbdMD coupon through CouponCause.

That being said, if you’ve never shopped for CBD before, the process can be a bit overwhelming. There are lots of different products to choose from and each has its own set of pros and cons. To help with this, cbdMD has created a simple online test, which will tell you exactly which of their CBD products is right for you. You can access that by visiting this link.

Once you’ve decided which product you want to get, the checkout process is pretty straightforward. You simply add the item to your shopping cart, add cbdMD coupons, go to cbdMD checkout page, and input your shipping and payment information. Just a few short days later, the CBD you buy will be delivered straight to your doorstep for free.

If you’re interested in botanical CBD for your skin, then you’ll be happy to know that cbdMD uses a bunch of all-natural, healthy ingredients alongside CBD in its products. The company uses things like argan oil, apricot oil, and avocado oil, to give your skin the nutrients that it needs to look and feel its absolute best.

For all of these reasons, shopping with cbdMD is a great way to get the CBD that you’re after. And if you’re going to do that, make sure that you don’t spend full price on your order. CouponCause has you covered with a ton of cbdMD coupon codes, cbdMD discount codes, and cbdMD promo codes to save you money.