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11 JAM FAQs From Our Experts

JAM online courses for kids will turn your child's screen time into learning time. JAM is available both on iOS devices and web browsers.

Kids from ages 7-16 can find project-based learning activities based around things like drawing, science and even cooking! Each course includes video tutorials from JAM mentors that kids will actually enjoy watching and learning new things from. Then, Jammers can share videos of their projects on the safe online JAM community for other students to learn and share tips.

How much does JAM cost?

There are a few different packages available when choosing a plan with JAM. The plan for 1 child costs $180 for a year and will gain your child access to all courses. All course access for 2-4 kids, the total is $240 for a year. For just 1 course for 1 child is $99 for a year.

Does JAM give refunds?

Once your free trial is over and your account is charged, JAM will not provide a refund. They will, however, allow you to switch courses at any time.

Does JAM have a customer service phone number?

No. Currently you can reach JAM on social media, via the JAM chat window at their website or by emailing

Does JAM have an app?

Yes. Children can learn from JAM on the go from an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad.

Does JAM have any physical locations?

No. JAM is strictly an online learning application.

How does JAM work?

For people who choose to go with the all access JAM plan, children will then have access to all of JAM's regularly updated projects. Students can pick projects to work on from cooking to drawing to science, watch tutorials from JAM mentors, get tips and gain skills. Jammers then can take videos of their projects to upload to JAM for other Jammers to check out and comment on. This community is safely monitored by JAM. For this service, JAM will charge on a yearly basis.

What ages is JAM for?

JAM courses are suitable for children between the ages of 6-17.

What are the JAM payment options?

You can pay for your JAM subscription with MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and American Express.

What sets JAM apart?

The main aspects that set JAM apart from other online education tools for children is the community built around the projects. The ability for Jammers to upload and share their projects allows other Jammers to learn something and also comment back to share ideas. The mentorship available on JAM is also a major aspect we love!

How do I cancel my JAM free trial?

Cancelling your JAM free trial is easy and takes only a few steps. Check out the JAM FAQ section for details on how to cancel your JAM trial.

How do I switch JAM courses?

If your still in your free trial, switching your JAM course is easy. Here are the steps to switch JAM courses. If you're in your subscription now, email for help switching courses.