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11 Nurx FAQs From Our Experts

Nurx is a telemedicine provider that offers a hassle-free, safe, and timely method of accessing birth control, PrEp and similar products. Understanding how most people these days have difficulty finding time to make a trip to a pharmacy or a doctor’s clinic, Nurx offers free and fast delivery so you can get your order delivered straight to your door.

It doesn’t matter if you know what birth control method you need or not as you have the choice to get advice on the best method for you. With real doctors attending every request, you can expect to get the level of care that you deserve from the comforts of home, while letting you be in control of decisions concerning your sexual health. Nurxcan even refill and ship prescriptions automatically- truly, an easy and hassle-free means to access safe birth control and PrEP.

How do I contact Nurx customer service?

For any concerns, you can call 800-321-NURX from Monday to Friday 9am-9pm EST to speak to the Customer Care Team. You may also send them a message through https://app.nurx.com/messages or email at support@nurx.co.

Who is Nurx for?

Nurx is ideal for anybody who needs easy and hassle-free access to birth control, HIV prevention, emergency contraception and other similar services. It offers fast and free delivery to get the products you need straight to your door. To ensure that you're only prescribed the right products that work best for you, real doctors assess and review your requests. Whether you know exactly what birth control method you want or not, Nurx can help you figure it out.

What services does Nurx offer?

Here are the list of services that Nurx offers:

What sets Nurx apart?

Nurx makes it easynur and hassle-free for women to access birth control, home testing, and other products by delivering them straight to their door. At Nurx, there are real doctors and clinicians to ensure that you are provided real care. Insurance or credit card are accepted when making a purchase. Delivery is fast and free. With automatic refills, getting access to birth control has never been this convenient and easy.

What payment options does Nurx offer?

Nurx allows customers to pay for their orders via insurance or with credit card, with services starting at $15. While Nurx accepts most forms of insurance, below are insurance that they currently do NOT accept:

Insurance Nurx does NOT Accept

Insurance Provider Exempted States
Medicaid CA, TX, IL
Discount or Rx Savings Cards (Tru-Rx, etc.)
Humana in IL
My Blue (Florida Blue HMO)

How much does Nurx costs?

Costs for birth control, emergency contraceptives, and PrEP depend on whether you’re insured or not and what type of insurance plan you have. With an insurance, birth control prescription is generally free. If buying withouthealth insurance, birth control is often available through Nurx starting at $15. You can also reach out to Nurx through email at support@nurx.co or by phone at 800-321-NURX to get an estimate for specific prescriptions. More information on how much Nurx costs can be found here.

What are Nurx' shipping and delivery options?

Nurx offers a 2-day free shipping through USPS. Orders are typically shipped within 72 hours from their receipt, after the Nurx medical team has reviewed it. Delivery is usually within 5 to 10 business days from order request. For some refill orders, first class mail may be offered. Deliveries may vary as they are dependent on lab work turnaround time. More information on Nurx’ shipping and delivery policy is found here.

Does Nurx offer overnight delivery for Plan B or emergency contraceptives?

Yes, overnight services are offered for emergency contraceptives. Just let the doctor know that the medication is needed as soon as possible. NURX may also call the prescription into a local pharmacywhere you will be able to pick it up.

Is Nurx safe?

Yes. The same rules and medical standards as any family physician are applied to the prescription of drugs that are sent through Nurx. Medications will only be prescribed by Nurx medical professionals after assessing that it is safe to do so from the information provided by the patient.

In which areas are Nurx services available?

Here are the areas where Nurx telemedicine services are available:

How do I cancel a Nurx order?

Initial orders are considered final once checkout is completed and cannot be canceled. Packages dispensed by the pharmacy cannot be refunded or returned as this is prohibited by federal law to protect the integrity for both the medications and patient. Refills can be canceled within 48 hours from receipt of the reminder message by calling 800-321-NURX or messaging NURX at https://app.nurx.com/messages, Monday to Friday 9am-9pm EST. Make sure you get a confirmation message of the order cancellation.