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11 VMware FAQs From Our Experts

VMware provides business owners an IT solution that is backed by positive reviews from thousands upon thousands of satisfied business owners. IT can be confusing and is extremely important in this digital age. Trust the experts to handle it for you!

VMware offers cloud infrastructure and support, cyber security and other workplace IT solutions. Use a VMware coupon from Coupon Cause to save on your upcoming order!

Does VMware have a customer service phone number?

Yes. US customers can reach VMware customer service by phone at (877) 486-9273. International customers should refer to the VMware contact page for the appropriate number.

Does VMware accept PayPal?

No. VMware does not accept PayPal as payment at checkout. Major credit cards are accepted.

Does VMware accept returns?

Yes. VMware has a generous 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Please contact customer service to begin a VMware return.

Does VMware come with Windows?

No. VMware does not come with Windows software. You must purchase Windows software prior to installation.

Does VMware ever go on sale?

Yes. VMware regularly goes on sale, making their products more available to all business owners. Find VMware coupons at!

Does VMware have a free version?

VMware has free business IT solutions that you can try out. Visit VMware free products to browse the selection.

Does VMware have any physical locations?

VMware has office locations but no physical storefronts.

Does VMware run on Linux?

Yes. VMware products will generally run on Linux. Please refer to the details of your desired product before downloading.

Does VMware ship internationally?

Yes. VMware products are available internationally, additional fees may apply.

Does VMware support Mac OS?

Yes. VMware products will typically run on Mac OS. However, we suggest reviewing the product details before downloading.

What does VMware sell?

VMware is a business IT solution company that provides cloud infrastructure, data management, cyber security and more to their customers.