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Keep your Jitterbug phone powered up and ready to use with a free car charger valued at $25. It's a convenient way to make sure you never run out of battery power, and is free with your purchase of any Jitterbug cell phone.

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Refer-a-Friend Program Get $25 back for you and a friend Have a friend activate a GreatCall phone or device and you'll earn a one-time $25 credit on your monthly bill. Your referral will receive a $25 credit on their new account, too!

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16 Lively formerly Great Call FAQs From Our Experts

GreatCall's line of Jitterbug phones are designed specifically for senior citizens. They feature easy to use menus, HD camera and speakers, picture texting and many more benefits intended to aid the golden generation in staying connected to their families and the world. Phones do not require a contract, and are emergency-enabled with a variety of health and safety apps and features.

What can be expected from the Jitterbug by GreatCall Black Friday sale?

The last Jitterbug by GreatCall Black Friday sale allowed people to purchase their easy-to-use devices at extremely affordable prices. Select models were discounted by as much as 50% off the retail price and included bonuses like a free car charger and/or free shipping. Phones required a new line of service to be activated but even these services were discounted during the Jitterbug Black Friday sales event last year. Upcoming sales will be announced through the newsletter, on GreatCall social media and of course, at

Are there any deals worth looking for during the Jitterbug by GreatCall Cyber Monday sale?

Yes! Previous GreatCall Cyber Mondays give new customers an additional 50% off select phones, a car charger and free shipping with the purchase of a new line of service. Additional phone accessories were also marked down during this one day sale. For future Jitterbug by GreatCall Cyber Monday sales, subscribe to the newsletter, follow them on social media and check to see what CouponCause has to offer.

Who is Jitterbug by GreatCall for?

GreatCall's line of basic Jitterbug cell phones are easy to use and dependable. They're specifically made for seniors or anyone else requiring simplicity and limited functionality from their mobile phone.

How do I contact Jitterbug by GreatCall customer service?

Jitterbug cell phones are made by GreatCall. Contact GreatCall customer service by calling (800) 733-6632 or by submitting an inquiry form online. Click here to send an inquiry.

Where is Jitterbug by GreatCall sold?

You can arrange a GreatCall purchase online and call (866) 359-5606 to complete it. Jitterbug phones are also sold at a select group of retail partners, both in-store and online:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Retailers

Does Jitterbug by GreatCall have texting?

Yes. Monthly texting plans are available for purchase. Users may send texts, for $.10 each, from both of the Jitterbug phones without purchasing a plan to do so. Your text plan options are:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Text Plans

Monthly Texts Cost
None $0.00
300 texts $3.00
700 texts $6.00
1,250 texts $10.00
2,500 texts $15.00

Does Jitterbug by GreatCall have unlimited data?

Yes. An unlimited data, text, and call plan is available for the Jitterbug Smart2 at $49.99 per month. This package includes picture messaging.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. Users may keep their existing phone number, home or mobile, when switching to Jitterbug by GreatCall. Call their activation team at (866) 233-3436 to set up a transfer. Do not cancel your old line until GreatCall confirms the number is eligible to be moved.

Does Jitterbug by GreatCall have GPS?

Yes. The Jitterbug Smart2 is equipped with GPS. This technology makes it much easier for users to be located by family or emergency services if needed.

How much do Jitterbug by GreatCall phones cost?

Both Jitterbug phones come with free wall and car chargers. Tax, shipping, and activation fees are not included in base pricing:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Phone Prices

Phone Price
Jitterbug Smart2 $112.49
Jitterbug Flip $74.99

Do Jitterbug by GreatCall phones have internet?

The Jitterbug Smart2 is enabled for web use. Users pay for a set monthly data plan or are charged $0.10 per megabyte. Your data plan options are:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Data Plans

Monthly Data Cost
40 MB $2.49
100 MB $5.00
200 MB $10.00
500 MB $15.00
1 GB $20.00
2.5 GB $30.00

Do Jitterbug by GreatCall phones have bluetooth?

Yes. Jitterbug phones are bluetooth enabled. They're also equipped with HD sound, helping to make voices and rings as clear as possible for users.

Why should I use Jitterbug by GreatCall?

Jitterbug cell phones are packed with features that enhance their ease-of-use for senior citizens. A few impressive functions include:

Does Jitterbug by GreatCall offer free shipping?

Yes. Order from the GreatCall website to skip shipping fees for both of their cell phone models. In-stock items usually arrive within 3 to 7 business days. Free shipping is valid in the US only.

What comes in the Jitterbug by GreatCall Health & Safety packages?

GreatCall's Health & Safety Packages enable their phones to double as emergency safety devices. Add one to your existing or new phone and cash-in a 50% discount on your monthly minutes plan. Your coverage options include:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Health & Safety Packages

Plan Cost Features
Basic $19.99 5Star Service
Preferred $24.99 5Star Service, Urgent Care, and GreatCall Link
Ultimate $34.99 5Star Service, Urgent Care, GreatCall Link, Handset Replacement, and Personal Operator

How many minutes do I get?

Jitterbug phones are contract-free. You pay month to month for what you need. Your minute package options are:

Jitterbug by GreatCall Minute Plans

Monthly Minutes Cost
200 minutes $14.99
600 minutes $19.99
1,500 minutes $29.99
3,000 minutes $39.99